Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Looks Like It's Vodka:30

Oh, the humanity! How dare a marketing ploy aimed at those uppity natives south of the Border even think they're being funny with their display of a map that, once upon a time, was reality?

Don't they know that legions of all-American™ pioneers had the blessing of the Good Lord upon them when they packed up their covered wagons in search of gold from sea to shining sea? Their guns and muskets aimed true by the might of the spirit of freedom and justice.

Treaties were signed! Railways were demanded so more of OUR land could be acquired! Aren't they aware that borders are like the antithesis of taxes? Taxes must ALWAYS be reduced, while borders must ALWAYS be expanded or static! Never the opposite. Unless, of course, you're a martini-drinking, serape-donned invader - hellbent on pretending that there are alternative interpretations of the phrase: Remember the Alamo.

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