Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Don Imus Was Once A Superiorite?

Oh my.

Despite the occasional rough patch, Imus did spend a full twelve years in public school and emerged with no formal education…a product of automatic social promotion not even casually tied to merit. He graduated with no honors and no skills, a rare stroke of luck because a broadcasting career required neither.

Difficulty continued to dog Imus after his school days: his undistinguished, infraction blotched stretch in the marines, onerous labor in a Superior, Arizona copper mine and a Grand Canyon uranium mine where an accident left him with both legs broken. There was work as a freight brakeman on the Southern Pacific railroad and a back injury suffered in an engine derailment, and at one point the indignities of homelessness, hitching, being flat broke. Better, and worse days were to come.

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Kevin Bacon's got nuthin' on that town. It doesn't take long to find someone who has a connection to it....but Don Imus? It's hard to picture him walking down Pinal to Central Bakery for some cochitos with his coffee.

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