Monday, December 01, 2008

Border Angels of SoCal Seeking Funds

Border Angels, a human rights organization based out of Southern California, is raising funds for the next Marcha Migrante. This event is held to raise awareness of the needless deaths of border crossers in the desert southwest that have skyrocketed due to border control policy that purposely funnels people into the harshest of terrain.

This year's Marcha Migrante will feature activists traveling from SoCal to Florida, then north to Washington D.C. Organizers are putting out the call for assistance, with word that one is even selling his personal baseball card collection to make sure they have the resources to keep the spotlight on the human costs of a failed immigration and border control policy in the U.S.

Please consider donating, the fundraising page for Border Angels is here with a snail mail address listed as well as several Paypal options. I'm in for $50 on payday this Friday. I can think of at least that much worth of frivolous expenses that I can cut out of my budget this month.

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