Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Me Encanta Tamale Season

Tamale Saturday approaches. Here's something from the archives to celebrate:
Lesson From a Batch of Tamales
  • Everyone and everything has its purpose - if you leave out an ingredient you will notice, the same goes with the people; if no one shucks the corn you won't get very far.
  • Work doesn't have to be boring - music is a must, and don't be afraid of raising the volume
  • Honor the history that brought you to this place - my deceased nana's picture was displayed proudly and a candle lit to celebrate all the love she shared and the cooking skills she taught
  • There's no need to deny yourself the fruits of your labor - steam up the first dozen and enjoy them as you continue to make the 30+ others
  • Sharing is key - every freezer in my family has the goodness of this year's batch to enjoy for the next year

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