Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pix from the DC Protest

"Well, I'm back. " - Samwise Gamgee

Unfortunately I was reacquainted with my luggage almost 24 hours after arriving back in the Grand Canyon State, but I'll save that for another post. The trip to DC was fantastic on all levels. I was able to re-energize myself for the cause of Peace, meet friends for the first time, and spend quality time with old ones. So without further ado:

My day on Saturday began at the Starbucks across the street from the Navy Memorial, where I met many Kossacks and blogging celebs like Jeffrey Feldman and emptywheel. Here's the group shot before the majority of folks heading on down to the National Mall. I'm on the way left of the pic (how appropriate)

From there the smaller BooTrib Gang made its way to the Washington Monument to join the Beach Impeach Project's DC efforts to spell out IMPEACH. At first we were going to be part of the E, hence the pic, but we ended up being proud members of the Exclamation Point!!!!

The aerial shots are awesome, you can see them over at the Beach Impeach Project's site.

At that point we walked back towards the Capitol for the United for Peace and Justice March. Here's what we saw when we approached.

As we got swallowed up in the crowd of humanity, easily over 100,000 despite what the mainstream corporate-sellout-based media claimed, the signs and faces of the people said everything

Once the speakers finished what they had to say, the march began (slowly, at first, due to the sheer force of numbers)

Even Rummy was there (in handcuffs)

The crowd stretched far beyond line-of-sight up Capitol Hill, passing between the Capitol and the Senate office buildings.

This was the crowd behind us, again stretching back farther than we could see.

I'm really glad to have had the opportunity to join in solidarity with other PeaceMongers. While it may have been a big yawn to the talking heads on tv and radio, the energy it gave/gives to Accidental Activists is immeasurable. It builds an inner-motivation to do whatever it takes to bring about the end of the catastrophe George Bush and his minions have unleashed on the world.

The other side of something like this is finally getting to meet many people whom you only know through blogtopia (y!sctp) and finding that it is more of a reunion than an introduction. I enjoyed immensely the opportunity to meet tampopo, BrotherFeldspar, JanetTinMD, ejmw, CabinGirl, supersoling, BooMan, AP and others.

It's no wonder my heart is full of hope today. We were able to share it with one another and now I can hopefully help to spread it out to whomever reads these humble words.

Paz - Man Eegee

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday "Where in the World is our Manny?" tour!

Oh me, oh my! I've had the page all to myself ALL WEEK LONG! Okay, well not all to myself, cuz all you guys were on it too, but still! This sounds like a job for the super basset sleuth(hound), Bud!

Where is our Manny!? Okay.... clue #1 - Bud smells coffee in the previous thread... turns out Manny was posting from a coffee shop, cuz his computer was not cooperating and was in for repair!

BUT... that was days ago. Where is he now? We need more hints! Clue #2 - Bud sees bunches of people waving puppets and flags and marching past monuments to old dead guys. By that (and certain postings at BooTrib) we can deduce that Manny was in DC for the anti-war march this weekend! Yay, Manny! And probably we can conclude that he is either on his way home, or is home and still computerless! I hope it's the first thing! Come back soon, Manny!

Whew, now that Bud and I have solved *that* mystery, on with the tour!

Olivia has wavy clouds! For Friday Cloud Blogging, of course... I don't know what pictures others are seeing in those clouds (if any) but with the waves and the darker clouds, it looks to me like the back of some dinosaur disappearing into the forest! What do you think? Also, a peony that is almost all done, and a red rose in its prime!

Original James is donning his Doctor/Professor hat and going on a brief hiatus to prepare a "a presentation for a colloquium over at my alma mater"! (Um, Jazzy James is doing the same.) But before he left, he did an Iraq Week in Review, and also highlighted Oklahoma's Senator's love for the poor! To stay poor, that is.

Deano, the art crit, has a painting of painting! Or paint, anyway. And brushes. Also, he's found an artist online that helps us visualize the threats of global warming! AND, he needs more art! Send him your tired, your poor, your... oh wait. I mean, send him your masterpieces, your sketches, your inner artist yearning to breathe free! He lifts his (gentle, really!) red pen beside the critic's door. Ahem.

[UPDATE!] katiebird is back and is once again being firmed daily! Yay! That should stop all the toppling over. Also, she has a passionate and detailed letter to her congressman! No wiggle room for him there, on healthcare. Welcome back, katie, stay well!

Condos on the rocks! No, no, that's not the name of a new drink (as far as I know, anyway)... that's what boran's next painting will be! It looks like it's going to be a fun one, all those perspectives and things. Also, it looks like the agencies formed to protect us are once again putting us in danger, this time by mishandling biological agents! And at first glance I thought this was some sort of strange dolphin or something.

Guess what!? Peace is still going wild, and is still very pink! Janet has an article and pictures about the Surge Protection Brigade, which is "is committed to escalating nonviolent civil resistance if our government is not responsive to the majority of American voters who want this occupation to end." Excellent!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] At Migra Matters, Duke takes little Tommy Tancredo's call for an end to minority caucuses in Congress and wrings all the spin out! Also, reading between the lines of the Bush SOTU speech!

Nezua has a new diary entry... in Spanish! Practice makes perfect! I need to practice too, as I only understood maybe half of it (it's a good thing it's short!). Speaking of being short, this next piece isn't at all... but it's an excellent dissection of the movie Falling Down (in the new At the Movies With Nezua category!). Good conversation going on in comments too. Lots more there too, start at the top and scroll down!

ILJ has taken a satirical trip inside Dick Cheney's brain! Do you ever get the feeling that no matter how outlandish a thing you could come up with about something like this, it might turn out to be true? Also, he asks... was he right about Chuck Hagel and Hillary Clinton? I have no idea... what do you think? There's more there... go read!

[UPDATE THE LAST!] XicanoPwr has the sad news that the leader of the largest leftist group in Oaxaca was shot and killed, as well as other news about the region. Also, news from Iraq.

Arcturus has a series of posts about the death penalty... some encouraging news, some not so much, but all interesting, informative and thought provoking!

In addition to updates on FamilyMom and naps, Family Man has two excellent stories - one in which he admits that he is not a gambler, and how he came by that revelation. And another about a visit to his niece in the hospital, and the memories it brought back. Both good Sunday reading!

All done! If I've forgotten anyone, let me know!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunny (at least here) Sunday Tour!

I hope everyone is having a beautiful, sunshiny day or, if not, at least a relaxing one! Only, don't get too relaxed, cuz it's time to wander around and take the tour!

First up... the things we sacrifice for our kids, parents or just friends. How brave some of us are! How resolute in our determination to stand between a loved one and harm how... oh, just go read about Family Man's bravery and sacrifice in The Great Frozen Fudge Bars Eat Off! And the follow-up...

Original James has bunches of stuff! So, you should just go to the top and start reading. Here are a few highlights, though... he reiterates about Claudia Card's conception of social death, and it's importance to understanding genocide. And highlights an important point and asks questions about the Surge and Iran. And sometimes one picture really IS worth 1000 words... Jazzy James is on hiatus!

katiebird is still not up to snuff, but she does have an interesting question.... “What if there wasn’t a patent on the cure for cancer?”

[UPDATE!] ILJ (who we somehow forgot last week... and um, yes, that IS a royal "we") has been bizzy! Another one to start at the top and read down, but here are highlights! Remembering Barbara Jordan is a great look back at one of the greatest women of our time. Also, looking at electoral politics, runners past and present and expectations in Where's the Beef? Not to mention that he is really, truly excited... or maybe not, that Hillary's running!

Olivia is back from the wilds of Ontario, and she's brought pictures! Well, I know it's not quite a surprise that Olivia has pictures, but still... do you think they line these all up and measure them to get that perfect row that somehow or other means Christmas is over? And where would we be without inner bits? Well we meaning, in this case, a lily! And fog over the river and cloud blogging (I think you are supposed to see if you can see a picture in the clouds!) and more... go read!

Duke explains why a temporary worker program should be avoided... many of these things that sound kinda good aren't at all. Also, the government is working on a way to collect immigrant DNA. Sigh. Lots more there... people have been posting up a storm, so start at the top and read!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] catnip has a Sunday Food for Thought! I know, I know.. it's not Sunday without it, but I thought I would just point that out... it's about Perceptions. Also, a great piece on Nation Building vs "Democracy Promotion". Lots of food for thought there too! Who knew that writing a letter to the editor could cause the Secret Service to land on your doorstep? Even if you are 81 years old!

Arcturus has an article on Energo-fascism, which I am not sure what that is yet as I've not had time to fully read the piece, but it sounds interesting! Also, the preparation of us for war with Iran in 'fact witnesses and propaganda. And more there besides... you know the drill!

At the art crit deano has a mountain spirit and scrap paper, where you can scribble to your hearts content (but not on the mountain spirit)! What more could you ask for?

It's finished! Our painting that boran is doing all the work on, that is! He's pleased with how the "four tubes of paint" worked out, and so are we! We have to wait til next week to see what the new painting will be, though. Also, he's branching out and has become an Oliviaite! Yay! Don't know what that is? Well, just take a look and you'll see!

XicanoPwr gives us a scary update on the US concentration camps... this time, on the imprisonment of innocent children! Also, a great piece that clears up some misconceptions and gives the Real Legacy of Cesar Chavez.

Nezua has bunches of stuff (you know the drill!) but he does confess that the Iraq War is all his fault. Read why! Also, he points to an article that seems a bit... off, for the type of site it's on. I've not read it yet, but will do! And it's quite likely you don't know what you think you know, about Mexico.

All done! I think... if I've forgotten you (as if I ever could!), just let me know!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Minuteman For President? Bring It On

I hope this happens. Lets have a real discussion on a national level about the many ways this country has demonized the immigrant community, and by extension, Latinos.
Colorado Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo, an outspoken opponent of illegal immigration, said Tuesday he will form an exploratory committee this week for a possible presidential campaign.

After making a weekend trip to Iowa, home to the first nominating caucus in January 2008, Tancredo said voters there told him other presidential candidates don't share their views.

"They believe that there is a void in this race that none of the other candidates are willing or able to fill," said Tancredo, who plans to remain in the House.

Tancredo has said immigration would be a central issue if he does run. Campaign spokesman Tim Haley said on Tuesday that Tancredo would also push opposition to abortion and other conservative themes as well.


Looks like 2008 is going to be another interesting campaign. If Tancredo runs, he will be battling head-on with St. John McCain on the immigration issue.

An Open Letter To The White-Based Blogosphere

Dear White-Based Lefty Blogosphere:

Stop speculating whether or not the country is "ready" for a white or black President. Yes, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are probably running in 2008. As a minority, I get tired of seeing in your comment sections that America may not be ready yet, it makes me think that perhaps you're projecting.

I know that you might not want to hear that, but again, as a minority, it grates my nerves when I hear speculation like that when I don't hear much of it from the mainstream™. Sure, racism does exist and is thriving in this era of division, but if you truly want it to go away, then please stop speculating and make the reforms you claim to uphold something that is more than just a dream.

The reality is, the race or gender of the person doesn't matter too much. Yes, it may influence the way a candidate has been raised to view the world, but isn't that true for any of us? Lets examine the merits of the persons' positions and go from there, okay? Thanks.


Man Eegee

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Anatomy of an International Incident

Over the past couple of weeks, several factors have been working in concert that have made me more nervous to live near la frontera than any other time that I can recall. It all began on January 5th when the first news reports began circulation on an incident near Sasabe, Arizona on January 3rd:
Armed group forces Guard to flee post near Sasabe
National Guard troops working at an observatory post near Sasabe were approached by a group of armed individuals late Wednesday night and forced to flee, said Border Patrol and National Guard officials Thursday.

The event occurred about 11 p.m. Wednesday at one of the National Guard entrance identification team posts near Sasabe, said National Guard Sgt. Edward Balaban. The troops withdrew safely. No shots were fired and no one suffered injuries, he said.

"We don't know exactly how many because obviously it took place in the dark," Balaban said. "Nobody was able to get an accurate count." (emphasis)
The lack of details and unsubstantiated claims were/are mind-boggling. Of course, they did see it fit to print this hypothesis that has now become gospel truth: "Border Patrol officials say the armed group returned to Mexico."

So what did this nugget of shoddy journalism cause? Well, the harpies on the right saw three items that set their blood on fire: armed group - Mexico - National Guard troops flee. It caused an avalanche of stupidity to rain down from Mount MainStreamMedia on top of our heads:
  • Gunmen Attack National Guard Border Patrol Site in Arizona (Fox News)
  • Troops Flee From Border Outpost (Washington Times)
  • Armed Mexicans Attack Unarmed National Guard Troops On US Soil (The Post Chronicle)
  • Volunteers 'with heat' to support National Guard (WorldNetDaily)
  • Lou Dobbs' Poll Question on 1/5/07: Do you support a policy of withdrawal and retreat when our National Guardsmen are confronted with Mexican gunmen advancing across the border? Yes or no?
It's a common thing for the propaganda organs on the right to coordinate their message, even when it's deceptive, but do they realize what their irresponsible behavior leads to? Before it would be little to nothing, but now, the vigilante movement has decided that they want to play War Games in my backyard.
Minutemen heading to back up National Guard
Volunteers with the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps are headed for the Arizona-Mexico border Friday to provide backup for National Guard troops in response to an incident near Sasabe in which the approach of armed men forced soldiers to retreat.


Chris Simcox, the founder and president of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, said the incident shows the federal government is ineffective when it comes to protecting the border.

"The fact that National Guardsmen were forced to retreat from an armed incursion," Simcox said. "It's just absurd." The volunteer border watch organization wants to send the message that National Guard troops aren't making U.S. citizens any safer.

"The National Guard needs to be unhandcuffed and they need to be able to deal with these aggressive international incidents," Simcox said.
Have you ever seen a more offensive headline?

The clear purpose of Simcox' words are to raise the tension and spark a true war here in the southwest. These are the so-called "patriots" patrolling the homeland. Even though we are not at war with our neighbors to the south (I'll say that again: we are not at war with our neighbors to the South), these armed militias are working actively to provoke a fight that would bring about true instability to that precious safety net of sovereignty they claim to uphold.

From another article on the vigilante's deadly game of Risk:
Minutemen say Guard 'handcuffed' by current rules of engagement
Minuteman Lance Altherr said, "National Guard are under orders to not fire back or defend themselves and they basically had to run and that's unacceptable in our eyes."

The Minutemen, speaking out after the National Guard's brush with armed gunmen along the border near Sasabe.

'If we're approached by anybody like that, armed gunmen, we're not going to run. We're not going to retreat. We're going to hold our ground," Altherr said.

Let's stop any talk about the U.S./Mexico border not being militarized. And let's stop and think about who is escalating the violence.

Since the blood-lusting Minutemen didn't get to see any Mexicans strung up against a barbed-wire fence on January 3rd - it was only a matter of time before someone's sangre ran in the desert - even though the Border Patrol's internal investigation proved that the incident was handled according to policy.
The FBI said Monday it was investigating the death of a Mexican immigrant who was shot by a Border Patrol agent near the Arizona-Mexico border.

Francisco Javier Dominguez-Rivera, 22, of Puebla, Mexico, was killed Friday in a confrontation with the unidentified agent north of the U.S.-Mexico border between Bisbee and Douglas.
This has caused an uproar in the area with U.S. citizens high-five'ing the action, the Border Patrol throwing up a smokescreen on the details, the Mexican Government sending a diplomatic note of protest, and the family of Dominguez-Rivera expressing public outrage.
The mother of a Mexican migrant shot to death last week by a U.S. Border Patrol Agent asked for justice on Monday and said she would like to see the agent receive the death penalty.

"I want the death penalty for that killer, because my son was just trying to find a better opportunity," an emotional Laura Rivera told the Mexican news agency Notimex. "He was a young worker whom they simply killed in cold blood, so I want justice."


Rivera said officials told her husband that their son's body would arrive in Cuautla by Thursday at the latest.

"I want this all to be over, for them to bring the body and return my other two sons," Rivera said, weeping.

While I disagree with la Señora's calls for the death penalty, it is obvious that her grief is very real and very potent. Her son is a victim of policies that continue to end the lives of economic refugees everyday along la frontera due to everything ranging from bullet to snakebite to exposure.

As long as armed militias, bigoted lawmakers, and irresponsible journalists continue to work in unison against the reality and implications of a bi-cultural stretch of tierra - the threat of an international incident remains.

Crossposted at Booman Tribune, frontpaged at ePluribus Media

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Saddam Hussein's Execution Leads to More Death

I am firmly against capital punishment. I think it's barbaric. The true test of our humanity is what we do when we are faced with the choice of either perpetuating the barbarism or breaking free from the cycle of death.

Unfortunately the U.S. government under the leadership of the Texacutioner, supported the recent actions by the Iraqi government to execute Saddam Hussein. I will never understand the need for people to satiate their blood-lust, regardless of how much death the person was responsible for...it's just not part of my wiring, I guess. What's wrong with locking them up for the rest of their lives, if you must have some type of retribution?

So much death. So many demi-gods parading around with fluid authority and power. So much ugly, rotten fruit being borne from the neo-con tree that has flourished in this dark era.

A day after Saddam's execution, a 10-year-old boy in Texas hanged himself from a bunk bed after watching a news report on the execution. Police in the Houston suburb of Webster said the boy, Sergio Pelico, tied a slipknot around his neck while on the bed but had not mean to kill himself.

"I don't think he thought it was real," Julio Gustavo, Sergio's uncle, said afterward. "They showed them putting the noose around his neck and everything. Why show that on TV?"

Something similar occurred in Turkey, where 12-year-old Alisen Akti hanged himself Wednesday from a bunk bed after watching TV footage. His father, Esat Akti, told a newspaper in the southeastern province of Mus that his son had been affected by the televised images.

"After watching Saddam's execution he was constantly asking 'How was Saddam killed?' and 'Did he suffer?'" Akti was quoted as saying. "These television images are responsible for my son's death."

Nine-year-old Mubassahr Ali, from the eastern Pakistan town of Rahim Yar Khan, died hours after Saddam when he also mimicked the ousted leader's execution, local police official Sultan Ahmed Chaudhry said.

"The ill-fated boy used a long piece of cloth, tied it with a ceiling fan and wrapped its other end around his neck. Then he stood on a chair and fell down," Chaudhry said.

In Yemen, at least two young boys died and another was injured in apparent imitations of Saddam's hanging.

One of the cases involved a 13-year-old junior high school student who hanged himself after watching Saddam's execution on television, a Yemeni security official said.

When will it end?

When we choose to break the cycle.

Monday, January 15, 2007

U.S. Nativist Watch: Kris Kobach

It was no mistake that the immigration debate in this country took a hard turn to the right last year following the marches and rallies held in March and April by the families and supporters of human rights. The GOP-led Congress at the time responded by holding a series of sham "townhall meetings" in various cities, inviting vigilante group leaders and hardline-supporters of nativist sentiment. One of the biggest cogs in that wheel was/is Kris Kobach.

An apprentice of uber-nativist Samuel Huntington, Kobach enjoys prominent media attention as a voice of opposition to comprehensive immigration reform as well as a loyal agent to the neocon wing of BushCo in the War on Terror™. As I was working on this write-up, he appeared on MSNBC to support the reprehensible remarks by Pentagon official Charles Stimson to organize a boycott of law firms working pro bono for Guantanamo detainees.

A former counsel to Attorney General John Ashcroft, and 2004 GOP Candidate for Kansas' 3rd Congressional District (he lost to Democrat Dennis Moore due to his extreme views), Kobach is now teaching Constitutional Law, Immigration Law, American Legal History and Legislation at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law.

The local independent paper in Kansas City, The Pitch, recently offered a lengthy write-up on the controversy being waged on Kobach's campus - including the circulation of a one-page flier (.pdf file) outlining the biased professor's views. Here are a couple of examples:
Kobach says he'd already been considering the basics of a program that would come to be known as the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System. NSEERS mandated that men from certain Arab and Muslim nations be photographed and fingerprinted when they arrived in the United States. Men from these countries who were already U.S. residents had to register. NSEERS also required that they be interviewed 30 days after they entered the country, that they notify the Immigration and Naturalization Service if they changed their address, and that they present themselves for an annual interview while they remained on American soil.
Racial Profiling - Check
The NSEERS program wasn't Kobach's only foray into federal policy. In 2002, he led a reform effort that reduced the number of judges who heard immigration appeals from 23 to 11. To keep up with the increasing number of cases, the smaller cadre of judges began issuing one-line opinions in response to complex legal decisions.
Working to further destroy the immigration process instead of beefing it up - Check

Now, two years after he went down to electoral defeat, Kobach has taken a central role with FAIR.

After 9/11, a Washington, D.C., lawyer named Mike Hethmon took over FAIR's legal department. Ashcroft's young immigration counsel caught Hethmon's attention as a potential ally.

In the past two years, Hethmon and Kobach have become a legal team working to shift the federal immigration debate to states and cities. Hethmon is director and general counsel of FAIR's Immigration Reform Law Institute; Kobach, a senior counsel on paid retainer, is second-in-command.

Ties to the white-supremacy network - Check

Since I'm sure this piece will probably attract the attention of some of FAIR's supporters, or maybe even Kobach himself, let's hear what the Southern Poverty Law Center has to say about the organization that the professor works diligently in support of:

(from a 2004 SPLC Intelligence Report)
  • FAIR worked closely with a hate group, the American Immigration Control Foundation (AICF), to pay signature-gatherers for the referendum. Together, they spent $305,500. Like Abernethy, aicf's leader, John Vinson, is an adviser to the CCC, a group that has described blacks as a "retrograde species of humanity." FAIR has not criticized Vinson in any way.
  • FAIR worked with aicf in another group, the Coalition for the Future of the American Worker (CFAW), that recently ran harsh anti-immigration ads in a Texas congressional race. Both the Republican and the Democratic campaigns in that race have denounced the ads as racially inflammatory and asked that television stations not run them. cfaw's president is FAIR Executive Director Dan Stein.
  • FAIR's Western Regional Coordinator, Rick Oltman, is a member of the CCC, according to that group's own newspaper. Oltman shared the podium with Abernethy at a 1997 CCC conference.
  • In September 2002, FAIR's Eastern Regional Coordinator, Jim Stadenraus, participated in a Long Island anti-immigration conference with Jared Taylor, a CCC board member and the founder and head of another hate group, the New Century Foundation.
  • FAIR's Dan Stein is an editorial adviser to The Social Contract, a journal that is published by a hate group and has featured articles by Abernethy. The journal is edited by Wayne Lutton, another adviser to the CCC.
  • FAIR cites on its Web site a man named Fred Elbel, who is PAN's webmaster and also heads the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform — another group which Abernethy advises. Elbel is tied to FAIR founder John Tanton.
Like most nativists, Kris Kobach scoffs at being labeled racist - yet he is the architect of the surge of local level anti-immigrant and anti-Latino legislation that began in Hazelton, Pennsylvania.

In November, Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta told CBS' 60 Minutes that the aim of the ordinance was simple: "I'm going to eliminate illegal aliens from the city of Hazleton."

Kobach is helping him do it.

"We looked at the Hazleton ordinance and said, 'Uh oh,'" Hethmon recalls. "The idea was great, the concept was absolutely valid, but it was clearly drafted by some average folks sitting around a table. So we brought the issue up with Kris immediately."

Hethmon and Kobach quickly created a model ordinance. By the end of 2006, about 50 municipalities had passed or were considering similar legislation.

Kris Kobach is one of those dangerous propaganda organs who looks good on paper due to his Ivy League education - but his actions have led to the restriction of opportunity for countless families across the United States. Here is an excerpt from an opinion piece he wrote for the Heritage Foundation late last year in response to the comprehensive immigration bill in the Senate.
Furthermore, the DREAM Act makes it absurdly easy for just about any illegal alien—even one who does not qualify for the amnesty—to evade the law. According to Section 624(f), once an alien files an application—any application, no matter how ridic­ulous—the federal government is prohibited from deporting him. Moreover, with few exceptions, fed­eral officers are prohibited from either using infor­mation from the application to deport the alien or sharing that information with another federal agency, under threat of up to $10,000 fine.

Thus, an alien’s admission that he has violated federal immigration law cannot be used against him—even if he never had any chance of qualify­ing for the DREAM Act amnesty in the first place. The DREAM Act also makes illegal aliens eligible for various federal student loans and work-study programs.
You would think a professor would advocate for people to get an education instead of spending every waking moment denying it to the wrong type of person. It is this type of behavior that has led groups such as the The Hispanic Bar Association of Greater Kansas City, the MoKan chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the local Coalition of Hispanic Organizations to lobby the Dean of UMKC's Law School to express their outrage at his dual role of anti-immigrant crusader and professor of Immigration Law.

Speaking during his 2004 Congressional Campaign, Kris Kobach had this to say "I think anyone who knows me knows that I'm pretty thick-skinned. And I certainly hope I have been humble."

I dunno about you, but I don't think he knows the true meaning of the word "humble".

Tengo Un Sueño - I Have A Dream

Love is a transcendent language.

True heroes are born not because they possess power on their own, but because they call on all people to recognize the greater good that lies within us - like seeds awaiting the waters of justice and peace to bring it to life. Today I pause not only to honor Dr. King, but also to examine the ways his Dream gives me hope in these dark times.

We may always be on the road towards equality instead of resting at our destination - but as Dr. King and his wife Coretta alongside him teach us - Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God's children.

La maravillosa nueva militancia que ha envuelto a la comunidad negra, no debe conducirnos a la desconfianza de toda la gente blanca, porque muchos de nuestros hermanos blancos, como lo evidencia su presencia aquí hoy, han llegado a comprender que su destino está unido al nuestro y su libertad está inextricablemente ligada a la nuestra.

No podemos caminar solos.

Y al hablar, debemos hacer la promesa de marchar siempre hacia adelante.

No podemos volver atrás.

The marvelous new militancy which has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to a distrust of all white people, for many of our white brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny. And they have come to realize that their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom.

We cannot walk alone.

And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead.

We cannot turn back.


Hoy les digo a ustedes, amigos míos, que a pesar de las dificultades del momento, yo aún tengo un sueño. Es un sueño profundamente arraigado en el sueño "americano".

Sueño que un día esta nación se levantará y vivirá el verdadero significado de su credo: "Afirmamos que estas verdades son evidentes: que todos los hombres son creados iguales".

Sueño que un día, en las rojas colinas de Georgia, los hijos de los antiguos esclavos y los hijos de los antiguos dueños de esclavos, se puedan sentar juntos a la mesa de la hermandad.

Sueño que un día, incluso el estado de Misisipí, un estado que se sofoca con el calor de la injusticia y de la opresión, se convertirá en un oasis de libertad y justicia.

Sueño que mis cuatro hijos vivirán un día en un país en el cual no serán juzgados por el color de su piel, sino por los rasgos de su personalidad.

¡Hoy tengo un sueño!

And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."

I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.

I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

I have a dream today!

I'm also mindful that Coretta Scott King joined her soulmate in heaven on January 30, 2006. Even though he was assassinated by hate and fear nearly 40 years ago, she continued to walk that path of the Dream until the end.

That journey proves that against all odds, against all blatant injustices and inhumanities - there is always hope.

"I think, on many points she educated me. When I met her she was very concerned about the things we are trying to do now. I never will forget the first discussion we had when we met was the whole question of racial injustice and economic injustice and the question of peace. In her college days she had been actively engaged in movements dealing with these problems. I must admit---I wish I could say-to satisfy my masculine ego, that I led her down this path; but I must say we went down together, because she was as actively involved and concerned when we met as she is now." - Excerpted from "Martin Luther King, Jr. A Personal Portrait", interview with Arnold Michaelis, 1967.

Rest in Peace, Dr. and Mrs. Martin Luther King, Jr. - I am honored to honor you today - and will carry your message, your spirit, with me in Washington, D.C. at the end of the month. Paz.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday "Ohh la la!" tour

*peeks cautiously over the window sill" ... Hmmm.

Soothing, easy on the eyes, yet indescribable (cuz I don't know the name of it) color... check. Eegee Board in the corner... check. Familiar names and (type)faces... check. Aha... and the final test... Bud in the house! Check!

*goes to the door and swings it wide open*... Whew! I'm in the right, if newly redecorated, place - and so are you! And, it's time to clatter around town and see who's been naughty or... oh wait, that was last month. And see what everyone is up to! Nosiness, thankfully, takes no holidays and has no seasons!

catnip has more information on the Case of the Canadian Spying Coins Caper! I admit to trying to get rid of Canadian quarters (and US coin dollars) as soon as I get them, because of the confusion, but not because I thought the coins were spying on me! But you know who IS, don't you? Well, besides the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, the lesser known Alphabet organizations, the local police and sheriffs departments and your cable guy? The Pentagon also wants to know where you stand in the Pepsi or Coke, or Mastercard or Visa wars! And probably lots else besides. Also, catnip's Sunday Food for Thought, which you can tell is interesting because it deals with the The I and the Not-I.

Duke highlights more anti immigrant wingnuttery... this time, the Keyboard Vigilantes where, with the click of a self-righteously propelled mouse! they can put someone's life, entire family and/or employment in danger. Also, the border fence boondoggle, where the cost is more than just money.

Family Man has a wonderful poignant and amusing story of his first, bloodied but shaved, step into manhood... and the memories that go along with his father's shaving mug. Go read!

[UPDATE!] Have you been through your trial by fire!? This is what Nezua wants to know! Okay, well what he really wants to do is cut down on spam and hateful comments, so he's got moderation on but is adding addresses of posters to a by-pass type thingy, so go do a test comment and get added! I got sent immediately to spam... story of my life, sigh! Also this, the sinking ship of American illusion, voices some of the thoughts I've had... but, of course, much more eloquently! You've gotta read this one, if just for the horror magazine cover of Malkin alone!

Boran highlights the insanity and hatred just burning through the pockets of anti-immigrant... or really, anti Lation@ forces that apparently even extends to money in A Slice of Racism. Also, our painting is close to completion, which shadows and depth added and just a few finishing touches needed!

Speaking of art, deano has decided to take over the world, and as every revolutionary knows (except for anarchists, who apparently reject having things written down), for that you need a Manifesto! And of course you have to know how to join in! Okay, so maybe it's all more about what the site is about, and how to submit your own pieces (such as the new one there now, Remembering, by Paul Kane), but still. All good info!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] katiebird is still not being firmed daily, as she is toppling over but she's appeared in comments so at least we know she's okay. Hi katie!

XicanoPwr has had the flu, but still manages to put together a great roundup of what's happening now in the recent raids, and personal stories and also actions you can take! Go read!

[UPDATE THE LAST!] Original James has some cautionary words about the collapse of Junior Caligula's (and I bet you can't guess who that is!) presidency, and what we can do about it. Also, an update on Osama Moustafa Hassan Nasr, one of those disappeared and tortured by the US government - who has been, thankfully, not shutting up about it.

Arcturus introduces us (if you weren't already familiar) to Ram Narayan, an Indian musician. Also, he notes the passing of Alice Coltrane, an amazing and talented woman, who was also the widow of John Coltrane.

I think that's it... some haven't updated, some haven't checked in... Manny has lots of stuff, though... scroll down, scroll down! Also, a few people have been nominated for various sections of the lefty Koufax awards - I am not going to list them, as without a doubt I will forget some, but congrats to everyone! The Eegeehood is the Best, and so I bestow an award on everyone! I'll figure out what to name it later.

All done!

Introducing Latino Político v3.0

So, what do you think?

I'll be tweaking the new format here and there, but I'm quite pleased with the new 3-column layout. I'm not opposed to moving stuff around so if you have suggestions about where stuff should go, feel free to use this thread as a Suggestion Box.

One thing I plan on adding is the 'Labels' list on the left sidebar. That'll come soon, mis ojos son locos con el diablo que se llama CSS.

By the way, it is best viewed using Firefox. If you're still using Internet Explorer, do yourself a favor and download Firefox. You won't regret it. Trust Me. There's even spell check.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Bud Blogging

He's hunting lurkers

Meta - Koufax Nominations and Getting Tagged

First up, congratulations to you all - we've been nominated in three four categories for the 2006 Koufax Awards.

Best Group Blog (x2)
Best Single Issue Blog
Best Human Equality Blog
Best New Blog

The nominations are compiled through the comment section at Wampum. My thanks to the people who nominated this humble spot in blogtopia (yes! skippy coined that phrase).

And now, to answer Dean's tagging from last week: Once "tagged" in this round, there is the option of either posting 7 accomplishments in 2006 or listing 5 quirky things about oneself that others probably don't know.

Since I'm the quirkiest person I know, I'm gonna go with that option:
  • I often dream in español but freak myself out when speaking it in the semi-conscious state called daytime
  • While sleeping, I cup my face with one of my hands instead of resting against the pillow - perhaps that explains the recent acne breakout
  • I have an irrational fear of the giant squid
  • I'm allergic to avocados but refuse to give up guacamole, so I suffer through the itchy throat
  • the first book I ever owned was Danny and the Dinosaur, by Syd Hoff - several years ago I got it signed by the author and re-read it regularly just to lighten the mood.
So there you have it. To continue the tagging trend, I choose supersoling at Even Flow; katiebird at Eat4Today; latinasoyme at Mi Destino: fe, cultura y vida; Family Man at Mundane Doesn't Describe it, and spiderleaf at Jaded Reality.

Have some fun with it!

The McCain Doctrine Is Folly

John McCain has been yammering about troop increases for as long as I've had the displeasure of seeing him in front of t.v. cameras. While the vast majority of U.S.-born Americans are opposed to the escalation of violence being prepared for the Cradle of Humanity, St. McCain issues the following edict that seals the wax on the death sentences of who-knows-how-many human beings - edicts that will bear his signature alongside George Bush's blood-soaked name.

"I believe that together these moves will give the Iraqis and Americans the best chance of success," said McCain, R-Ariz., a leading presidential contender for 2008.

McCain also took a shot at Democrats who say the United States must bring some troops home within four to six months.

"I believe these individuals ... have a responsibility to tell us what they believe are the consequences of withdrawal in Iraq," he said. "If we walk away from Iraq, we'll be back, possibly in the context of a wider war in the world's most volatile region."


"The world's most volatile region" - no word from the Senator if he has an iota of a clue that we are the biggest reason for the instability in the Middle East. The United States' insistence on Imperialism has directly lead to the hostility our country receives from human beings who only want to be left alone to their own accord.

The militarism that currently has a firm grasp on this country is so appalling to me that I can barely contain the anger that boils when I hear pandering lawmakers and their lobbyist enablers bitch and moan about minimum wage increases, or lower drug prices, or taking away bailouts from the obscenely rich oil companies, or the accountability of doing nothing as a U.S. city drowns.

Effed up priorities, if you ask me.

It is a problem that runs much deeper than whether or not a U.S. citizen is required to goose-step in support of our troops. The Military/Industrial Complex President Eisenhower warned against has indeed risen to power and most people either don't realize it, or don't care about the implications. If any modern lawmaker dare make comments like this, the propaganda organs in the media and the bully pulpit team in the Executive Branch would crush them without remorse.

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the militaryindustrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.

Why? Because they are all on the payroll in some form or another. They may lose a few political battles here and there, but in the end, they will go home to millions upon millions of dollars drenched in the blood of human sacrifice.

That is where we have come.

That is why we must march and support those who continue to do so everyday.

Crossposted at Booman Tribune and My Left Wing

Thursday, January 11, 2007

DC March: The Mandate For Peace

I went to bed angry last night. I greatly dislike doing that.

George Bush's speech was the most offensive litany of warmongering propaganda that I could possibly imagine His Majesty uttering after several years of mushrooming conflict and hundreds of thousands of death.

So I woke up this morning as a man on a mission. My heart, mi alma screams for Peace. It is my lifeforce - and the only way I am going to appease the growing unrest that has settled upon me is to register my displeasure to Mr. Bush in person.

Washington, DC here I come

Click the pic for more information on this important
event that will give the public a chance
to finally take a stand against
Junior *Caligula

*Tip 'o the hat to James for the Caligula meme

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'm On AntiBiotics For Ted Barlow Disease

Ted Barlow Disease, you ask? I'll let skippy asplain:
let's face it, blogging is only slightly more productive than masturbation, and a whole lot less fun. unless you are one of the lucky more talented ones, like kevin drum, who gets paid for blogging, or lucky smart ones, like atrios or kos who have big enough audiences to command mucho dinero for their blogads, chances are you won't get paid enough for blogging to buy a 15 inch monitor.

so that means one of two things, if you're a blogger. you are either really stupid and like to waste your time writing inconsequential things probably nobody ever reads, or you are incredibly dedicated to your political ideals and believe you are making a difference, as well as being really stupid and like to waste your time writing inconsequential things probably nobody ever reads.

either way, sooner or later reality is going to sneak up and bite you on the ass. and the reality is, life away from the keyboard is not only more tangible and fulfilling than blogging, it's ultimately better on your lower back and eye strain.
Well, amigos, life has certainly snuck up and bit me on the nalgas, BUT, ironically, the political firestorm that is documented everyday in blogtopia (yes! skippy coined that phrase), is the main culprit.

As I type, George Bush is on my television outlining an escalation to the war in Iraq. The propaganda masters have spent the past few days leaking information about the speech, so there isn't much new bile to digest. I'm not a fan of chewing on bile to begin with, so it's not surprising that the prospect of expansive war has taken my mood to a dark place.

It is quite depressing that the War Machine will continue to grind out human chorizo for the unforeseeable future. These prospects have sucked the energy out of me to write, which is why I have not been around as much for the past couple of weeks. There are also technical issues with my laptop, but that's for another day. So, rest assured that I'm on antibiotics from Ted Barlow Disease but there will probably be some lingering symptoms until this pseudo-medical condition improves.

By the way, here is one pill that I'm digesting at the moment, courtesy of AmericaSaysNO.org:


The American people voted for peace last November. Bush is ignoring the people's will and moving to escalate. Is this Viet Nam all over again? Join us! This is the time of our regular weekly peace vigil (since 1981), but this Thursday people are protesting all over the country so lets have a big turnout. Remember - parking meters not enforced after 5 pm so there is plenty of parking.
January 11, 2007
From: 05:00 PM until 06:00 PM





The United for Peace and Justice Coalition has another pill, but unfortunately my health insurance doesn't pay enough of the premium for me to take it on January 27th. My heart and my solidarity are with those who do stand up physically against these Imperial Warmongers.

As I've written countless times, I'm sick of war. It is coming to the point, however, that it is making me sick of documenting the atrocities.

To my fellow PeaceMongers - Namaste

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy New Sunday! Tour, That Is

Hello, hello, hope everyone has had a good week and weekend, and can't wait for Monday to get here!

Okay, well back to reality... as if! Mondays should have been excised from the calendar long ago, but what can you do? I know! Since it's still Sunday, we can wander around and see what everyone else is up to.

First up, as the town crier/busybody/peeker/public service person, I should tell you that some of youse have been tagged! Yes, indeed... see, deano got tagged with a meme and he wants to share the joy with a few people - the only ones that concern us is...well.. .us! And so, it's my duty to inform Manny and Olivia, you've been tagged! Of course, there is also a new painting of ... well I love the use of the colors and layers and such. Go look!

katiebird is not out of the woods yet! She's tipping over and stuff! She needs hugs and possibly a change in medication, I'd say. Go hug! Also she has a resolution for us to look at, and support, so see if it's something that you feel you can get behind.

Okay, I have another new favorite (to add to my many other favorites) of Olivia's... it's an apparently stinky flower (but luckily smell doesn't come through the screen!), but amazing (to me) composition of light and shadow in the photo... makes me think of a perfume or wine ad, for some reason. And then she shows us its inner bits!

[UPDATE!] catnip thinks someone needs to mind their sources! Of course, that could apply to many people and publications, but in this case there is a lot hanging in the balance. Also, this is not about politicians, but still.. the new morons, same as the old morons. Heh.

I saw this story that Nezua (who has tried to hide his permalinks from me again, but it didn't work!) highlights when it first came out and loved it... hope it does have a happy ending, eventually. Also, part three of his The Haunted Land series is just as lyrical, fascinating and informative as the first two parts, and make for nice Sunday reading!

Arcturus is really back! It's one of those "start at the top and read down" cases, with Divine Strakes and Henry Fonseca and art and poetry and politics and more! Wonderful stuff. Go read!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] Original James revisits the case for impeachment that was Cynthia McKinney's last gift to the congress. Just add water! Also, more about Iran, from a different direction. Sigh. Over at Jazzy James... gasp! No new stuff. yet!

Family Man is reminding about the bootrib art fair! You have to go to bootrib to find it though, as the links aren't working or something. Also, he was in a bad mood, but I'm sure he's over it! Can you imagine... Family Man in a bad mood? Does not compute! Hope things settle down, FM!

Well! Boran has an eclectic mix of snow globes and monkey tushes! Top that! Also, our picture is coming along.. it's ready to get shadows! And that's when you know you are real... when you can see your shadow. Well, except on cloudy days, you're still real then too.

All done! I probably missed some folks, but my computer is overheating, sigh... I hate when it does that! Also, I realized that I forgot to sign my own petition last week, and say hi to everyone in the comments, so... Hi! Good to see all the folks we've not seen for a while, and who we miss. Well, and good to see all the folks we do see fairly often, too!

Everyone have a great week :)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday Bud Blogging

Roger Barnett Strikes Again

This latest incident comes on the heels of his previous tantrum when he detained a wayward hunting party of Mexican Americans on his property - accusing them of being "illegals"
The most recent incident occurred on Dec. 30 at about 10:30 a.m. at milepost 394 on Arizona 80 east of Douglas, according to a report filed by the Douglas Fire Department. A Douglas Fire Department ambulance crew was at the scene responding to a call from the U.S. Border Patrol about a male illegal entrant in need of medical assistance, the report says.

While trying to transport the man to the Southern Arizona Medical Center in Douglas, a man who identified himself as Barnett flagged the ambulance down, the report says.

Barnett then tried to force his way into the back of the ambulance where medics were attending the man and became aggressive with the medic when he wasn't allowed in. Barnett said he was trying to see the shoes of the patient, the report says. He attempted to get in the ambulance three times before they pulled away, the report says.

Unhinged would be a polite way of characterizing his demeanor.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Make Your Voice Heard: Stop The War

Senator Russ Feingold is wasting no time to call for a firm timetable of redeployment of troops away from the warzone in Iraq. Enough is Enough!

From the Democratic Party of the great state of Wisconsin:
“The American people sent a strong message in November to fix the administration’s failed Iraq policy, the same message I have heard from Wisconsinites at my listening sessions,” Feingold said. “So far, the administration has ignored that message and is considering sending more troops to Iraq – something that would run counter to our national security and the wishes of the American people. Congress can’t afford to make the same mistake. We must redeploy our troops from Iraq so that we can focus on serious threats to our security – in Somalia, Afghanistan and elsewhere – that have only grown while this Administration has been distracted in Iraq.”
Sign the petition to support the Senator's bold and courageous action to end this war. The people spoke in November, there is no more 'Stay the Course', that strategy has already run its course.

George Bush, who has long lived in a delusional bubble, along with his pal St. John McCain, are lobbying for the unthinkable - more troops in Iraq - which will only increase the level of hostility aimed at the U.S. and seal the fate of hundreds upon thousands of more human lives lost at the end of a bullet or bomb.

Let your elected officials know that you will not stand for this escalation of warfare and death. Tell them to support Representative Jack Murtha's ultimatum to the Bush War Council.

When we asked about the likelihood of the president sending additional troops to Iraq, Murtha was adamant. “The only way you can have a troop surge,” he told us, “is to extend the tours of people whose tours have already been extended, or to send back people who have just gotten back home.” He explained at length how our military forces are already stretched to the breaking point, with our strategic reserve so depleted we are unprepared to face any additional threats to the country. So does that mean there will be no surge? Murtha offered us a “with Bush anything is possible” look, then said: “Money is the only way we can stop it for sure.”…

He says he wants to “fence the funding,” denying the president the resources to escalate the war, instead using the money to take care of the soldiers as we bring them home from Iraq “as soon as we can.”


How does the old saying go?

Now is the time for all good men (and women!) to come to the aid of their country.

Light those phone numbers up today.

What Are They Really Afraid Of?

So there I was today, enjoying my al pastor tacos, when the question emerged:
What the hell are they really afraid of?
The "they" I was musing about are the people (some latinos included) who pull the "they should speak English when they're here" card out of their sleeve. I'm sure you've encountered them, perhaps you've even entertained the same idea in your head.

Anywho, it got me to thinking. Scary, I know.

I recalled the times I've been in Nogales, Sonora - during the day, not the party nights - and virtually all of the Americanos who were shopping in Nogi spoke in English to the Mexican vendors that were wheeling and dealing in the various mercados. Not to mention the dollars instead of pesos that were used to pay for whatever curiosity tickled the fancy of the buyer (not that the Sonorans cared, have you seen the exchange rate lately?).

I thought about all of this because the young woman at the counter of the taco place I enjoyed immensely was completely bilingual. She spoke to me in Spanish when I approached her - it comes with the morenito skin - yet when the blonde nurses from the nearby hospital came in after me, she interacted with them in flawless English.

It brought a smile to my face.

Such diversity. Such intellect to be able to code-switch without even thinking about it. The sonrisa emerged from my face because I wondered what would happen when the English-only Brigade got what they wished for someday - would they feel inadequate when they realized that the sea of humanity they spent so much time demonizing could speak more languages than they could? (1) Would they make a similar effort to diversify the abilities of their own tongue? (doubtful) Would the resentment further the nasty fight already being waged north of la frontera? (bet on it).

Oh yes, the smile widened as I imagined a future where the multicultural tierra that my roots are sunk deeply also boast a bilingual people. Too bad that the reality I've encountered have made it so that in my daydream, only indigenous people are exercising their brains to embrace growth.

Don't blame me, blame the power-brokers who resent the history of the western United States.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

McCain, Pandering Builder of "Goddamned" Walls

I can't decide which is worse, the godawful picture of St. John McCain in the latest issue of Vanity Fair, or this goddamned excerpt:
But God knows McCain is trying. He began this mid-October day in Sioux City, appearing at a fund-raising Siouxland Breakfast for Representative Steve King, an immigration hard-liner. Recently he had called McCain an "amnesty mercenary" for daring to work with Senator Ted Kennedy on a compromise bill that would provide an eventual path to citizenship for the millions of immigrant workers already in the United States illegally. A day earlier, in Milwaukee, in front of an audience of more sympathetic businessmen, McCain had been asked how debate over the immigration bill was playing politically. "In the short term, it probably galvanizes our base," he said. "In the long term, if you alienate the Hispanics, you'll pay a heavy price." Then he added, unable to help himself, "By the way, I think the fence is least effective. But I'll build the goddamned fence if they want it." (emphasis mine)
Looks like the Straight-Talk Express should be re-named Pandering Parkway.

And really. Go look at the pic. Yikes.

AZ-05 and AZ-08 Bloggers Needed

The power is shifting in Washington, D.C. this week, brought about by what amounted to a tsunami of discontent with the status quo. As part of the netroots' effort to hold our newly-elected Democratic officials accountable to their constituents, a new blogger initiative was formed - The Progressive Wave - but we need your help!

All Freshmen Democratic House Members and Senators have their own sub-site under the Progressive Wave, which aggregates at the main page listed above. Consider this a major clearinghouse of local news provided by local voices.

As of today, January 4, 2007, I am the only blogger listed to cover newly-elected House Members Harry Mitchell (AZ-05) and Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-08). Change that by signing up and helping out!

You can do it a couple of ways:
  • Send me an email at man.eegee (at) gmail (dot) com, or
  • Leave a comment on this post with your email address
If you're not from Arizona, there are plenty of other representatives and Senators across the country that need local activists to cover their beat.

Help us build this newly-formed, true-blue, Progressive Wave!

[/semi-corny commercial]

Crossposted at AZNetroots

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

La Frontera Through the Global Lense

Via the Az Daily Star aquí en Tucson
About 25 to 30 print and television journalists visit Tucson and the border each year through the International Visitor Leadership Program operated by the U.S. Department of State, said Eloise Brown, program director and president of the Tucson Council for International Visitors. Calabresi came with this program.

Whether lured by Cochise County's Wild West atmosphere, the Border Patrol's Tucson Sector's ranking as the busiest spot for illegal crossings along the nearly 2,000-mile border or the hundreds of border deaths since 1998, journalists have been coming for years, Daniels said.

"The issue of illegal immigration — we think of it as something that affects the United States and the United States alone, and it's actually something that affects many countries around the world," he said.

In 2006, among others, journalists from Italy, Indonesia, Poland and Romania visited Tucson as part of the State Department's International Leadership Program, Brown said.
The article examines the way different countries' journalists have journeyed to this region of the country to cover the often volatile debate regarding border policies. Here are some facets I hope any journalist from any country would take seriously.
  • If one were to make a paper airplane out of a $1.00 bill and sail it from Nogales, Arizona to Nogales, Sonora - it would be worth nearly ten times its original value when it landed.
  • There are still official references to the offensive idea of Manifest Destiny. Isn't that right, Department of State?
  • If National Security is the reason for border enforcement, why has the U.S. sent an army of obelisks to protect us from Canadian invasion instead of armed troops like those in the backyard of southern Arizonans? It is twice as long...