Thursday, January 11, 2007

DC March: The Mandate For Peace

I went to bed angry last night. I greatly dislike doing that.

George Bush's speech was the most offensive litany of warmongering propaganda that I could possibly imagine His Majesty uttering after several years of mushrooming conflict and hundreds of thousands of death.

So I woke up this morning as a man on a mission. My heart, mi alma screams for Peace. It is my lifeforce - and the only way I am going to appease the growing unrest that has settled upon me is to register my displeasure to Mr. Bush in person.

Washington, DC here I come

Click the pic for more information on this important
event that will give the public a chance
to finally take a stand against
Junior *Caligula

*Tip 'o the hat to James for the Caligula meme

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