Thursday, December 08, 2005

Congressional Black Caucus Opposes Alito

Ever since George, who has fantastic judgment*, announced his new pick for the Supreme Court after dear Harriet's demise it has become clear that Samuel Alito will usher in a full-blown retreat of civil liberties, human rights and equality under the law in the United States.

The wingnuts in power are salivating at the carrot provided to them because they know he will swing the court in their direction of hate. Alito is no centrist, that much is clear; by being nominated to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the court, it is vitally important that the will of the people be heard and the batshit loopy wing of the Republican party is stopped.

The Congressional Black Caucus knows what is at stake. Their voices are important because they are the representative of the voices of those who will be negatively affected the most if this nomination is approved in the Senate. From the AP article:

"The members of the CBC are concerned about Judge Alito's opinions, many in dissent, in race cases where his decisions have disproportionately affected African-Americans," said Rep. Mel Watt, D-N.C., the caucus chairman.

"We are troubled by what appears to be a very conservative judicial philosophy that seems greatly at odds with much of 20th century constitutional jurisprudence," Watt said.

The White House knows that if Alito's true views on the issues are allowed a full hearing in the public eye, there won't be a chance in Hades that he will get through the process successfully. That is why they are stonewalling, and that is why they are unfit for leadership of this country--they are manipulative, secretive and corrupt

Several bloggers will be spearheading a campaign called the '12 Days for Justice' that will begin on Monday, December 12th, and we need your help. I will be writing more later.

*if you still believe this is true, then I suggest new medication

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