Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Twilight Zone

The scandals never seem to end with George's War Council in power. I keep pinching myself trying to see if perhaps I will awaken from this nightmare filled with war, torture and hatred for equality under the law. Here is the timeline of the latest atrocity:
  • Tuesday, 12/6 - NY Times editorial staff are summoned to the Oval Office for a tongue lashing by George, warning against running a story regarding George's authorization for the NSA to spy on American citizens without a court order.
  • Friday, 12/16 - The New York Times decides to publish the story regardless of the reprimand
  • Saturday, 12/17 - George gives his weekly radio address and shocks the Beltway Brigade by #1 admitting to the program, and #2 defiantly arguing for it's necessity to protect the country
  • Sunday, 12/18-Tuesday, 12/20 - Fallout continues to spread. Examples here and here.
  • Monday, 12/19 - Attorney General Abu Gonzales continues the War Council media blitz and defends the program
It's hard to tell what the outcome will be regarding this latest assault on our democracy. The WaPo article from today says this

But Democrats and some key Republicans on Capitol Hill were unconvinced, and they questioned whether Bush has violated a law intended to prevent the government from spying on its citizens without court approval.

Voicing "grave doubts" over the legality of the National Security Agency program, Senate Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) said he will conduct hearings next month on the issue. To rebut suggestions of congressional acquiescence, Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV (D-W.Va.) released a handwritten letter he secretly sent Vice President Cheney in July 2003 objecting to the program.

Smart move by Sen. Rockefeller to cover his tracks on this explosive issue. We are clearly operating under a failed government when one of our elected officials has to handwrite two copies of a letter expressing his concern with the actions of the state--one for the recipient, and one for a secret vault. We have truly entered the Twilight Zone.

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