Monday, December 12, 2005

Twelve Days for Justice - Day 1

Day One - Alito's Judicial Activism

From the Booman Tribune:

Please feel free to amend, to adapt, to personalize this message.

Three groups to contact:

your senators, the Judiciary Committee, and your representatives

December 12, 2005

You should be very wary of Judge Samuel Alito. Perhaps afraid is more accurate.

Judge Samuel Alito does not respect the primary role of the Legislative branch of our government. Therefore, he should not be considered acceptable to any member of Congress, particularly true Conservatives, regardless of his opinions on other matters held dear.

Judge Alito is a threat to your role in the structure of our government. You practice the art of politicking, balancing constituents' concerns and needs with those of our society as a whole. Legislation is challenged in court, as it should be when the interpretation of a law is in question. Judge Alito's record suggests he is not a "strict constructionist" of the Constitution.

Full details on today's action items can be found here

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