Saturday, December 17, 2005

Twelve Days for Justice - Day 6

Day Six - Church and State

From the Booman Tribune

Dear Senator:

Samuel Alito wants to become the fifth Roman Catholic on our Supreme Court. Chosen by a president who believes himself an instrument of God, Alito's ascension to the Supreme Court would jeopardize the predominance of our Constitution.

Threatened by the religious right over his nomination of Harriet Miers, President Bush selected their preferred choice. This nomination has been applauded by Christian fundamentalists who fear a loss of their power.

Pat Robertson said he "can see the majority shifted on the court, instead of 4 to 5 against the Lord, going 5 to 4 in His favor." Television ads placed by religious groups hail Alito as a savior and protector against evil forces such as "The ACLU's attempt to scrub away our religious heritage."

Every decision by Judge Alito has favored the public display and proselytizing of the religious. He has indicated in meetings with Senators that he believes the Court has gone too far in separating church and state. continued...

Information on past rulings by scAlito on this issue, and contact info for the judiciary committee can be found here.

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