Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Deep Thoughts by...

...Tucker Carlson?
...I welcome the controversies this season over Christmas. Every time a school district bans Christmas carols, every time the ACLU dispatches a busload of lawyers to fight a nativity scene, every time the ADL declares the Christian Right "dangerous," it's a reaffirmation that the faith is not dead. Dead religions don't give people the creeps. They don't make atheists mad. They don't keep Alan Dershowitz up at night. But Christianity still does. What a relief. It's nice to see that our faith still scares people.
Oh, where to begin. Look Tucker, I'm a Christian too but this has to be the most ridiculous non-war campaign I've encountered in my life. I see that you've received your memo from your compadre Bill O'Liely at Faux and joined the front lines in this battle between "good" and "evil".

You know, I really dislike using those two terms but since you and the rest of your wingnut-minion friends enjoy spending your days dividing and conquering, what the hell. You pissed me off really good, and I have been in a decent mood regardless of any shitstorms I've encountered recently.

Did I just offend you, Tucker, for writing "shitstorm"? My bad. Perhaps now you know exactly how I feel when someone like you celebrates the fact that your strain of Christianity is at its best when it is scaring people.

Newsflash Tucker: you don't scare people, you piss them off. As long as you and the rest of the Bush cult continue to poison the faith you claim to have with hatred and intolerance, a scourge will remain upon your worldview.

Finally, if I may be so bold as to offer you some practical advice: Watch out for those fireballs, I suspect you'll end up getting burned in the end. Happy Holidays!

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