Monday, January 30, 2006

Compassionate Conservatism in Action

An outrageous display of stupidity and ignorance comes via Monday's WaPo:

More than a dozen states are considering new laws to protect health workers who do not want to provide care that conflicts with their personal beliefs, a surge of legislation that reflects the intensifying tension between asserting individual religious values and defending patients' rights.

About half of the proposals would shield pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions for birth control and "morning-after" pills because they believe the drugs cause abortions. But many are far broader measures that would shelter a doctor, nurse, aide, technician or other employee who objects to any therapy. That might include in-vitro fertilization, physician-assisted suicide, embryonic stem cells and perhaps even providing treatment to gays and lesbians. (emphasis mine)

This is the latest manifestation of division that has been caused by the Bushista Regime. When George was running for the Presidency, he promised an era of "Compassionate Conservatism". What we've learned in the past six years is that the term actually means "Compassionate to Conservatives just like me" - the rest of us can "Go Fuck Ourselves"

I'm so sick of reading the headlines, only to discover that the flesh-eating disease being spread by this White House is spreading like the plague across this country. How do supporters of bills such as this go to bed at night without being haunted by the guilt stemming from their rotting hatred of others?

I'm a Christian, but I hold no pretenses that the faith I practice would meet the standards of these folks. You know what? I couldn't give two turds what they think. I would rather have my faith motivate me to help the poor and expand rights to my fellow Americans rather than this type of crap. Not only will I sleep better at night, it's the right thing to do as an American, as a human being.

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