Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Price of Humanity

The case against the two volunteers for No More Deaths is starting to wrap up. The ruling will be a temperature test on the political climate heading into this year's congressional election season.

As I read the article, what jumped out at me was not that these people broke the law, but rather that they were being punished for trying to save lives. I guess it's all a matter of interpretation and that small difference of perspective is what is fueling the fires of the immigration battle.
Shanti A. Sellz, 23, and Strauss, 24, face charges that they knowingly and intentionally conspired to transport an illegal entrants while volunteering for the local faith-based No More Deaths movement, which during the summer provides food, water and medical aid to people entering the United States illegally on foot. The pair say they were taking three entrants to get emergency medical care when they were arrested July 9 en route from the Arivaca area to Tucson.
Prosecutors say the illegal entrants were not seriously ill. But Sellz and Strauss say they contacted a nurse and a doctor before transporting the men and that they were following No More Deaths protocol, which calls for medically evacuating illegal entrants to Tucson if they are seriously ill. Prosecutors say the protocol was never approved by federal officials and that Border Patrol officials had warned religious leaders in April that they'd risk arrest if they transported migrants. (emphasis mine)
Welcome to America, the land of opportunity, where anyone giving you basic humanitarian needs is a criminal.

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