Monday, January 30, 2006

SCOTUS Post-Mortem

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I am obviously disappointed with the vote today regarding the destruction of the final check and balance on George Bush's Imperial Reign. I will never understand how the Beltway Brigade operates. I'm actually happy about that. Why should I be sympathetic to a powerful group of Senators who rely more on collegiality and spin rather than the will of the people who gave them that power?

As far as I'm concerned, the 20+ Democrats who voted for cloture today are traitors to their base, the everday Americans who canvassed and advocated for their votes in neighborhoods across this country. There is no excuse for their capitulation. Alito's judicial record speaks for itself and will prove our greatest fears substantiated. The far-right wing of the Republican party (a.k.a. its string-pullers and overlords) will gain one more vote to fulfill their greatest wish: the overturning of Roe v. Wade. I've already written about my thoughts on that issue here.

But it's more than that particular issue. A vote has also been gained for the corporate forces in this country who seek to de-regulate their industries that will erode the protections of workers, the needs of the disabled, usher the rapid decline of environmental protections, blur the lines of discrimination and other horrific ideals that I do not share.

I live in a so-called "Red State", so this has been an especially bitter pill to swallow. I was counting on the Democratic Senators to proclaim my position strongly on the floor since it will be a cold, snowy day in Gila Bend before McCain or Kyl vote according to my wishes. Too many Democrats watered down that position today, effectively silencing my opinion and that of many of my friends in the lefty blogoshere.

So now what? Do I leave the party? Do I finally say "Fuck this" once and for all?

I am way too stubborn for that.

In fact, this whole charade pissed me off so badly that I went straight to the Democratic Party's website and signed up for a Democracy Bond. I don't have a lot of discretionary money, but I believe that the time has come for me to step up my activism and make sure demand, once and for all that my voice is heard.

I resolve to work my Democratic ass off for progressive candidates who will speak with a loud, clear voice that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I can only reform the party if I remain within it. I can only ensure the election of progressive candidates with infrastructure support by sucking it up and demanding accountability.

I refuse to be silenced and the Beltway Brigade has another thing coming if they think today's capitulation will result in their continued support. Their era is over, and I will give my time, money and passion to make it so.

I will no longer be ignored.

[UPDATE] Forget the babbling, cosmic debris' statement says it all for me:

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