Thursday, February 16, 2006

Effects of an Incestuous Government

George is loyal to his followers. It's one of his trademark personality flaws traits. He rewarded Condi with a job at the State Department, Wolfowitz at the World Bank, Miers with a brief stint on the SCOTUS hot-seat, and Gonzales at the Justice Department. It appears some of that seed-spreading is starting to catch up with him.
Thirty-one Senate Democrats on Thursday asked Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to remove himself from the investigation into the Jack Abramoff scandal, saying the lobbyistÂ’s dealings with President Bush and others in the administration should compel Gonzales to step aside.

"“FBI officials have said the Abramoff investigation ‘involves systemic corruption within the highest levels of government,"’ the Democrats wrote in a letter to Gonzales. "In light of your previous service as White House Counsel and your close connection to many Administration officials, the appearance of conflict looms large."”

The attorney general "“can avoid any appearance of impropriety by recusing himself," said Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, one of the signers of the letter. "If there was ever a case that was both sensitive and rife with potential conflict, it is this one."”


I won't hold my breath that he will actually do it, but I enjoy seeing headlines that raise questions about this misAdministration's objectivity.

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