Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hello...? Is this on?

So many things seem to come with either no instructions at all , or with pages and pages of them that are impossible to understand. Sort of a metaphor of how people of different personalities go through life, no?

Me, I'm afraid that Reading the Fluty Manual is my last resort... after I've put slot A into slot D, or bought the completely wrong batteries or computer cord needed, and so on. Also, I don't own a recipe book... I estimate, with admittedly sometimes startling results. I am usually convinced that I will be able to intuitively figure out what goes where, or how much flour or seasonings to add. I'm sure it's way more efficient to go step by step, but it can't possibly be as adventurous. Ahem... or as frustrating. ;)

So, what about you guys? Step by step? Or "let's try this and see what happens"? (Like this post... if it posts... I have no clue how to work blogger, so... bonzai!).

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