Friday, February 17, 2006

Pelosi Puts on Her Boxing Gloves

It appears the constitutionality of the budget bill is going to be challenged by the House Democrats after all:
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi demanded an ethics investigation Thursday into the passage of deficit-reduction legislation that President Bush recently signed, a new twist in an episode of Capitol intrigue that blends election-year politics and questions of constitutional law.


On a party-line vote, Republicans shelved the call for an investigation, and Hastert's office did not respond directly to Pelosi's charges.

Kudos to Pelosi for keeping the Democratic caucus together to challenge the horrific bill. The reason the Republicans don't want to have a re-vote on this issue is because it only passed by a two-vote margin. They would rather violate the Constitution than take a gamble on the passage of their immoral budget.

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