Thursday, February 23, 2006

President Pigpen

Does this remind you of someone?
He walks around in a cloud of dust, sprinkling dirt on all he comes in contact with. Pigpen is happily messy. He doesn't try to explain it, hide it, fight it. For him, it's just a fact of life.
Sounds about right.

A decision two weeks ago by a U.S. consulate in India to refuse a visa to a prominent Indian scientist has triggered heated protests in that country and set off a major diplomatic flap on the eve of President Bush's first visit to India.

The incident has also caused embarrassment at the highest reaches of the American scientific establishment, which has worked to get the State Department to issue a visa to Goverdhan Mehta, who said the U.S. consulate in the south Indian city of Chennai told him that his expertise in chemistry was deemed a threat.

It seems like he can't do anything without completely destroying the precedents set over time. He and his minions are hell-bent on making their mark in the history books.

Might I suggest an entry in the chapter labeled Tyrrany?

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