Sunday, May 21, 2006

are you ready to ramble!?

Okay, so maybe being a world wrestling announcer (or is it monster trucks?) isn't quite my calling, but still... it's that time again! The neighborhood awaits, sooooo.... let's ramble! First, we have a special occasion!

Recipes, being committed daily, scary food, and exercising on a blog! What more could you ask for? katiebird has it all... and guess what else? If I am reading this right, June 1 is the first day of katie taking Eat4Today to the people! 3D people! (gasp). And you know what that means... she needs support! she needs encouragement! she needs a full blog! (to show the 3D people). Mea so culpa, here... I read and benefit, but don't participate enough. So, we have between now and June 1 (and after!) to build on the already existing vibrancy and ability to personalize (whether it's about food, personal goals for life and work, or whatever) and show those 3D folks what we blogateers can do when we put our minds to it!

If you don't know how the site works, ask katie what to do... she's bossy, she'll tell you ;). Okay, well she's not really, but she'll tell you anyway! Off you go (but come back!)

I bet you've never before contemplated earbuds and the meaning of life, have you? And also FamilyMan's shoes and planning gives new meaning to the term "leaving a small footprint". I never read this blog without laughing.

XP has done some major investigating and dot connecting! There is much more to this wall than meets the eye, although what does meet it is bad enough. Exposing the lies and the underlying issues as soon as they come over the horizon is good strategy!

[UPDATE!] The honored honorary ancestor has updated his blog! There is much, much to think about, with broad brushes and fine, and to discuss - perfect brain and outlook expanding fare here.

which reminds me, sometimes people have trouble with blog comment software, so if that happens, it's perfectly okay to talk here about something posted elsewhere, if necessary or desired (Manny doesn't mind!)

Boran2 wonders which came first? No, no... nothing to do with chickens! Infortainment or the need for it? Just one of the things to think about when seeking out fuel for the body, the car and the brain!

[UPDATE SOME MORE!] catnip has advice for reporters: "Memo to reporters: get disposable cellphones and/or plan to meet your sources in underground garages from now on." It seems the top cop in the US has declared war on free speech. This, sadly, is not unexpected these days.

Duke shows how the Senate Republicans have exposed themselves (no no, not that way, thank god) - no... it really IS all about race, as this English only stuff demonstrates. Also, I wondered too... what were they thinking??

Now... about olivia. I'm sorry but there just is no other word for it... petal pr0n! I had NO idea that nature was so um... descriptive! But of course it makes sense. Don't stop there though... she has lots of new flowers taken from interesting angles and they all have personalities, which is what I find most intriqueing. Really!

[UPDATE THE LAST!] James finds a political candidate that is actually taking on the whole "free speech zones" thing, which have almost come to seem the norm nowadays. Also, the march of the wingnuts (and their poison) seems to be everywhere!

Dignity's Apostle... is the title of Intrepid Liberal's interview with Robert W. Fuller. Wide ranging, informative and thought provoking... this is something we'll want to discuss, as it fits in with some of our other current cross blog discussions.

Speaking of cross blog discussions, dove has written of diaspora... and connections fleeting and lasting, and how they all inform our lives and how we think and live. And more. Also, walking by moonlight which, like so much of her writing, seems to be saying many different things all at once.

["Woohoo!" UPDATE!] Where in the world is kansas? Eagle-eyed poco spotted her! In the New York Times Book Review! And they love her! (How could they not? They are obviously people of good taste and great discernment) Here's an excerpt:

Marilyn Stasio writes, "Making deft use of parallel time frames, Pickard writes with insight and compassion about an unresolved crime that continues to haunt a farming community....Pickard draws out the truth with tantalizing suspense, while using the mystery to illuminate the ways a community would rather live in guilt and believe in miracles than give up its dark secrets."

All done!

PS. I have not forgotten deano! He is away for a week or so. I also have not forgotten supersoling! We might have to have our second petition next week. We'll see!

If I have forgotten anyone else, let me know.

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