Sunday, May 07, 2006

Rumblings in the Eegeehood!

Wow, what a crop of things there are this week... me, I think every week gets better and better! But enough about me (cough), let's take the tour!

catnip rounds up the news (and discovers George Will is still a wanker), and lots of other things! Also, she writes about the UN panel on torture the US faced recently, and some of the ramifications. But that's not all! She's found what's got to be a tapir relative for Ductape cuz, she says, he loves odd looking animals. And these definitely fit the bill! (they are very cute tho).

katie is trying to get us to eat our fruits and veggies! They are not scary, you know, and a 'portion' is not very big! There, of course, is much more there besides... discussions on childhood diabetes and obesity, migranes, chocolate tricks and marshmallows and their relation to SAT scores! I bet you never knew.

XicanoPwr pulls our leg a little bit (Sinko de Mayo, heh) and then gives us the real scoop on the origins of Cinco de Mayo and its importance. I love history lessons like this, that give the basics of the event, but also relates it to current events and people, and why they should know about it.

[UPDATE IN THE MIDDLE!] XicanoPwr says this was listed in Google News! Woohoo, congrats!

Our Manny mentioned a while back studying the history of his ancestors and also of leaders, past and present, that have had great influence on events... it's definitely interesting to read about the discoveries made when researching the distant and not so distant past. And fig-leafed dogs, too!

I wrote a piece long ago about some of the effects of being unmoored from your history... it's way old, but as I've been urging others to unearth things, I figured I would too! Nobody can say I ask others to do things that I won't do myself. Unless it involves bugs.

[UPDATE!] Speaking of bugs, Olivia doesn't have any! She does have Doritos though, so that sort of makes up for it. And a whole host of flowers, from lush to delicate, just waiting for someone to come and oohhh and ahhhh over them. So, off you go!

But then come back! Cuz Ductape has updated again! Not only a most excellent rant, but there was liveblogging of the recent marches that is hilarious, informative and makes you think!

Whoa! Deano's place... an explosion of color! He has a new banner that just sort of makes the artwork beneath pop right out at you. Way cool. And, of course, the art is too!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] dove introduces us to "Alex", although I'm pretty sure we all already know her, or someone like her. She wonders if it's too harsh? I don't think so! Also, we're having a conversation in the post right below that about... well... we're not sure. But it's fun anyway! Join in, and maybe you can figure it out.

Where in the world is kansas?! Finally a question I know the answer to. Well, I may not know where she is right this minute, but on Wednesday, the 10th, she's going to be in Phoenix! Or Scottsdale! Which may or may not be Phoenix too, I have no idea cuz I'm not a Phoenixian. (and then Denver the next day). Anyway though, if you are in the area of the Poisoned Pen, stop by. Say hi and get a signed copy of her book! Bring cheesecake, cuz with all this gallivanting around, I'm not sure she's had time to eat real Eegee food!

You've gotta watch James, because apparently sometime this week (Monday, maybe?) he's planning an open feet thread! Only partial foot nudity though, there will be birkenstocks covering the strategic spots. We'll be watching! Until then, though, he has an analysis of the Bush team losing their wheels, as well as a reminder that Green is the new Red!

[MORE UPDATE!] FamilyMan has a perfect way to avoid mowing the lawn, and it doesn't even require working at slackdom! Just wait. He also has a lovely essay on the meaning of friends, friendship and being online. Perfect for Sunday slackdom reading!

Duke highlights the racist underbelly of much of the anti-immigration talk and action. Not even six degrees of separation there. Also, as XicanoPwr reminds us, "Migra Matters was recently selected as one of the top ten resources on immigration on the web site Top 10 Sources - a directory of sites that bring you the freshest, most relevant content on the Web." Well done and congrats to all the posters there!

Right here, there is an immigration debate in the comments of this post! Very interesting, and informative... lots of points and options brought out. Also, Manny talks about seismic shifts in America... in the past, and now. There is a natural progression to these events... lots to chew on in that post, that has raised some new thoughts for me. Hmmm.

All done! (I think.)

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