Sunday, May 14, 2006

Eegeehood tour - It's that time again!

What time is that, you ask? As if you did not know! It's time to tip-toe - what? No, this time - no really! It's okay - I don't have the wrong song again this time. It really is time to tiptoe through the tulips! Olivia's got a whole page full of them! Pink ones and orange (red?) ones, demure ones and explosive ones... fields of tulips to tiptoe through! And an orchid too, mind you. Go look!

Over at James's place, Ductape (who has not updated his own site - ahem!) and Duke have spread out the tablecloth and piled it high with goodies and debate again! They refuse to stop eating or arguing about immigration! Plus, spies and dominatrixes! How can you resist?

Speaking of politics (and we were), Duke shows just why the "put the troops on the border!" soon to be proposed Bush admin plan is such a crock. And is just a political ploy. Such a surprise! Also, a senate bill that I missed hearing about entirely, that may bear fruit.

[UPDATE!] We have two new hoodians! Well, that have blogs. Let's see what they have been up to! (Do you think they know we peek? Wave!)

Boran2 is over at Survivor Left Blogistan and has an interesting post about organic foods, penned in cows and big business! You can imagine what happens when those three get together... There is more there as well, but no paintings?

And Intrepid Liberal Journal hangs their hat at... well... Intrepid Liberal Journal! Lots of chewy stuff there, commetary and analysis. Grab some munchies from the Duke and Ductape table and settle in for a read. But come back! The tour continues!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] It's party time at XP's! (and maybe everywhere else too, if the Rove thing is true!)

catnip is over there cutting holes in the toes of Bush's sock puppets, and also ... it's Mother's Day! Happy Mother's day to all the moms out there. And grandmas and foster moms and mr. moms.

In dove's story of Noe's wife, the ending would be quite different. And the time seemed right to post her self censorship piece on the site.

I'm convinced, slackdom is just too much work! Between long haired dogs with gastro-intestinal problems, and wayward weedwackers (a sort of "stop, drop and run" story, this is) one might think a nice concrete jungle is just the ticket. Oh...and don't you just love kids? Best of luck Tuesday, too, FamilyMan!

[UPDATE THE END! (maybe)]

Katie asks.... "Have you been putting off a task?" ... (um... do you think she's talking to me?) But she has a solution! Just4today ;). Also, being committed (no, no... not that way) and finding resources to support that, and scary food stuff!

It's stormy weather at deano's place! And... things that make you go "Hmmm".

[OUTSIDE Eegeeland UPDATE!] So sorry, but this is just hilarious. If you think you've been in odd, unexpected situations before, just imagine if you had this guy's dilemma. What would you do?

All done! (I think - I'm not at my brightest today, so let me know if I forgot anyone!).

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