Thursday, May 18, 2006

Photo-Op del Día

First our country shook from a busted bubble of security. Atop the powdered and fragmented remains of innocent human beings he grabbed a bullhorn

with the fire of revenge burning in his soul, the bombs fell in a land far away from the culprits and the pilot-hero declared victory.

Even though his incompetence spurned more death, it wasn't until an American city drowned that it finally started to sink in for the masses that the faux-cowboy was more concerned with his image than true leadership.

Now, with over two years left of enduring idiocy, the journey leads him to the latest setting of death--la frontera.

When's it gonna end, America? How much more are you willing to take? We've been warning you of this team's ineptitude from the very beginning, if it'll help you save some face, then the "I told you so moments" will never come. Just help us end this nightmare.

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