Sunday, May 28, 2006

Get Comfy! Time for the Sunday Stroll

First up - news! Boran2 is turning one! Mañana! (We'll not ask why he is not then Boran1, by the way). And it's not exactly him, but his blog! So, go wish him a happy blogday, and then read about how the Bush admin's EPA is working to put us all in greater danger.

Duke upends the right wing immigration talking-points bag and dumps everything out so that we can take a good look at it, and see what they are actually saying, and how they are manipulating the language and debate. Also, the main highlights of the immigration bill that recently passed the house. As usual, excellent work taking difficult, not easily understood topics and opening them up.

Olivia has an amazing iris! It looks like it is either sticking its tongue out at you, or it comes with its own caterpillar. Gorgeous, either way! Also, the sky seen from the backdoor, and from the frontdoor... same time, same day, two very different skies! And lots more besides, many beautiful flowers. Astute observers will note that I've said nothing... nothing at all about Olivia's bug porn! (no link, you'll have to find it on your own.) I am so proud of myself.

[UPDATE!] Sallycat is writing about Big Adventure, Big Ifs, Big Water and swimming the rapids. Somehow she ties it all in to self confidence and being careful what you ask for. And it works! go read!

Forget creeping bugs and pod people... James hears tell of creeping deserts! Just remember, the cactus is your friend. Also, one of the great (and greatly ignored) dilemmas in seeking Israeli/Palestinian peace.

XicanoPwr points out how dropping out of college and becoming "chief bag-carrier, dog-sitter, call-screener, hand-cleanser, paper-sorter, speech-reader, lectern-duster, schedule-keeper and Altoid-provider" can be a great career and education move... as long as you remember that some dogs are more equal than others, that is.

[UPDATE AGAIN!] katiebird has a Welcome Wagon! And picture of some pretty, determined looking lady lifting weights. Go say hi! There's lots more there too, of course, including being committed daily, rewards (what in the world is a "Clausthaler"?) and other stuff (but no vibrating beds).

I didn't know who Sophie Scholl was, but I looked her up after reading dove's piece on choices, taking stands, promises and self awareness and, but not really (although the method would probably work) stopping smoking. Also - on a quiet day you can hear the echoes.

Awwww. Whining dogs, super-coordinated multitasked eating, remote controlled cars and old friends that just want to be loved. Go read Familyman. Sniff.

[UPDATE THE LAST! (maybe)]

In Canada, catnip tells us, the public employees union (aka CUPE) votes in a majorly significant way. And a union in Britain considers doing the same thing. "Fierce debate" probably doesn't half cover it. Also, a store makes a decision - right or wrong, this debate is far from over, even if swept under the rug for a bit. Lots more at catnip's site! She finds the news and then finds the angles.. then tells us about them!
[UPDATE SORTA IN THE MIDDLE, BUT NOT!] catnip, fresh from toasting herbettes, has tossed a frame of mind into the mix! A great short story, with an interesting twist and food for thought.

Compassion, clarity, absolutism, and the choices made are all present in Ductape's article on atrocity and apologists. If you've not read the conversation in the BooTrib version, do yourself a favor and do so. Amazing insight and thoughts expressed... the entire thing certainly an example of the very best of the blogosphere.

All done!

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