Sunday, April 15, 2007

'allo, hola, namaste, hej! And hello, too, to the Sunday Tour!

It's that time again, kiddos... yes, that day you've been looking forward to with glee and anticipation, with red eyes and trembling fingers, with butterflies in your stomach and moths in your bank accounts... yes, you've got it.

Tax day! Well, tomorrow, that is. In the US, anyway... for everyone else, you jammy sods (which, hopefully, is not an insult), it's just the Sunday Tour! Much more pleasant!

An artist at Deano's gives a decidedly personal ... at least, I hope so... touch to his art, and at the same time discovers a never ending source of materials! And as part of the continuing effort to educate us philistines, what looks like a really cool 'art crit cinima" presentation on Language and evolution! What's this? recycling the recyclers? And, more bunny-ness!

You never know what you are going to find at katiebird's! Reluctant goddesses, daily firmings (when you are not being committed that is... or maybe it's when you are) and people who can actually understand what Bob Dylan is saying! Obviously, carrots (and *all* fruits and veggies) are good for your ears! BUT... sometimes food is not so good for you, and that's when katie turns health care plans into romance novels! I think that makes her the Queen of Odd Things, don't you?

Even though manatees were apparently first mistaken for mermaids (one has to really look closely to see the resemblance to Ariel, though, I"m afraid), or maybe even because of it, the Bush admin is threatening them. Boran has the whole story! Also, even though we missed a week, our cool car has not yet been driven off the lot - and we can see through the windows now, so yay! You know what I just noticed about the car? It's a 1959 Volvo. I wonder when Volvo decided to go from fun and interesting to boxy and ugly (but safe!)? Also.... buh-bye!

[UPDATE!] Olivia is showing us the many faces of freesia.. which is nothing at all like the three faces of eve! Well, at least I don't think so, but I don't know any freesias personally, you understand. They are pretty in purple, though. Also, dada has gone plum wild on Olivia's blog! And don't miss the budding beauties and the snowy, snowy site - even the clouds have gone freaky freesia! See the resemblance?

Nezua has some good news about PBS and Ken Burns! It seems they have (been made to) realize that Mexican Americans (and allies) do exist! Even in WWII! Okay, I"m not sure what this is about because, contrary to all appearances, Sunday is not my best day for absorbing all I read! But I think it's something to do with us all being Nezua in the garden weeding while editorializing while peeking under the bandana! Or maybe not... you decide! If you are interested in discussions of race, identity and racism, from the inside (and who wouldn't be!), I strongly encourage you to accept the gift proffered by Nezua's La Lenta Blanca (the White Lens) series. Heh... the misadventures of King Kos. And, oh, man... I hope you are hungry. If you're not, you will be after this!
Where's the recipe!?

{UPDATE THE LAST!] Artists in the midst! In the midst of what, you ask? Well, a pond, of course! Okay way, the artist isn't in the pond, it's just that pond is the subject of the art! And no, that's not a mini tsunami in the pond. Whew. Family Man has been playing around with photoshopping! It makes a good distraction from the leftover migraine pain :( Flowers work for this too! Sigh, what a pond (but it has snakes, so don't sigh too much!)

Original James is off painting the town red! (why, I wonder, were towns painted red in olden days speak about going out?). Or, maybe he's just at a conference, but... it's in Las Vegas! Woo woo! He left us some great thoughts about Kurt Vonnegut, though. So it goes! And awwww.... sniff, sniff... congrats! Wow... these two pictures definitely tell a story - although one was originally used to tell a false one. I think Jazzy James went to Vegas too! How could he resist?

There is more there (and everywhere!) so start at the top and scroll down and catch up!

Now, about Bud... I think he's getting closer! There IS a canine on site, but.... well, it's not Bud. Then again, it's also not a feline! It was nice to meet Sam, but I'm pretty certain that by now that he and Dean (not the art crit!) are conspiring to capture Bud's rug! Come home soon, Bud!

There is more here, so scroll down! scroll down!

All done! If I've forgotten you or missed anything, you need to let me know in comments!

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