Friday, April 20, 2007

MSNBC Goes from Bad To Worse

Ladies and Gentlemen:

MSNBC proudly presents the dawning of a new age of television where all your darkest thoughts that society unfairly forces you to stow away faster than an inconvenient mixed-race child can be allowed to return to the public square, welcomed like a prodigal son.

Let the fear you have from all defenders of nappy-headed hos be dissipated with the veracity you've come to expect from the forked tongues of our eternally-powerful hydra.

My moon-tanned brethren, I give you the replacement of Dom Imus in the Morning:

Michael "Lord Vader" Smerconish

Some of his past hits include:

The Pyramids of Abu Ghraib
What a Bunch of Sissies*, and
I Never Met a Muslim I Didn't Deride

Media Matters has more. Much more.

* He really means "What a bunch of Pussies" but he can't say that

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