Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Sunday "Bud Got a Makeover" Tour!

It's true! Our Bud apparently decided that he was tired of being a soulful eyed, waggy tailed, cheesecake begging cutie and has instead elected to become a slinky, orange ringed cat! Who probably disdains cheesecake! Oh, the humanity! Or, um... oh, the dog and cattery! We still love you, Bud, even if you do change your name to Paris or something!

When our Manny's away, the mice... well, you know, the one thing we don't have in this story is mice! Good thing, what do you think we are running here, a menagerie?

So, let's see what else has happened during the week! Are you ready to peek? Let's go!

Family Man has a great story (and a fun picture of a very small cowboy) about growing up in the (on the?) Mississippi Delta and uncles and WWII and scanning in memories - something I need to do too! Also, we need more good thoughts for his brother !

I dunno about katiebird and all this firming daily stuff... apparently it has caused her to turn into a rubber bag! Should we worry? Maybe not! Also, healthy eating... by video! Now that's my kind of healthy eating. I also enjoy watching people exercise on video... by the time they are done, I'm all worn out! And sometimes our body sneaks up on us sort of like my cat does when trying to convince me that, "no, you really DIDN'T feed me just 15 minutes ago!" Katie has thoughts on this! (not about the cat, though). AND... a good tool to print out and put on your wall... cool picture too!

Everybody still comes from somewhere! But that's not enough for NLinStPaul, no no... she also wants to know where hope comes from! She has some great thoughts on that, and others do too.... if you know, go add your own!

[UPDATE!] Nezua, The Unapologetic Mexican, has some good news and some bad news. The bad news (first, of course)... somehow, we are being Michelle Malkin! Let us cry. And the good news is... Nezua has had the cutest little nephew ever! (there may be some disagreement on this point). Well, he didn't exactly have the nephew, but still... awwww. Also, a chosen disintegration - this needs more thinking about than I can give it at the moment - deep post! And all about the political acumen, bravery and far sightedness (cough) shown by Michael Dowd.

ILJ is wondering.... so who does have that vision thing? Of the people running, who is likely to make you (or him, I should say) devote the time and effort of campaigning and supporting them? See what he has to say about that!

Boran2 highlights how, once again, the Bush admin and Republicans make take stuff one is used to thinking of as being cuckoo bananas... and try to make it policy! Also, our car is getting detailed and a shine now! Soon, it will be ready! Bush seems to think the best way to handle endangered or other species is to remove them from existence! No species, no problem. And, alas, poor MetaUlrick, I knew him well.

[UPDATE THE LAST!] Olivia has an orchid that is giving a full throated aria! Go see, if you don't believe me. Hmph! Also, she has someone else's clouds! These are not Canadian clouds, so no doubt they make different pictures and people look at them and say 'huh' instead of 'eh'! And a daisy, inner bits and all!

Arcturus thinks the game and set are pretty transparent, in the British/Iran thingy... with the US circling the perimeter. Also, segregated toilets in Afghanistan? I suppose that answers one of the "what will they think of to do to alienate the populations next?".

Original James has initiated a Ductape Signal. I hope it is answered :( Also, material letting you know what is going on with Pinon Canyon and what you can do about it! And, the only sane thing to do when faced with an insane system. Sounds about right to me! Jazzy James has returned and is highlighting (and showing where to download) The Streets of St. Louis! I bet JJ has a far better tan than Original James does!

I have something too! I tell you why I am a little teapot, and what I'm going to do about it ! Funny thing is, writing that felt like I was trying to claw my way up through murk, but by the time I got done writing that piece, and making the decisions in it, I already had a working idea in my brain and new excitement! Now I just have to figure out how to implement it, heh.

All done! maybe. Some haven't updated, some are still saying NO PEEKING, and others are doing other stuff! If I've missed you tho, let me know!

[INFO UPDATE!] I forgot that I wanted to let people know that SiteMeter has apparently been sold to another company, and it now places some pretty intrusive tracking cookies on the computers of anyone who visits a site using it. I mean, we peek, but not like that! I have Firefox, so I was able to delete them (I deleted both sitemeter cookies and the one that really does the tracking, specificclick) and then used the Firefox option to block them and so far that seems to have done the trick.

Anyway, it doesn't matter if you are using that service or if you just visit a site that does... which is most likely, as it's the stats info counter thingy of choice for blogs, but either way... it's watching you!

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