Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Some Mid-Week Comic Relief

Nativist Movement
'Vietnamese' Anti-Immigration Group Really Isn't

First, he denied it. Then he said it was his wife's idea. Finally, white anti-immigration activist Tim Brummer admitted to using the false Vietnamese surname "Binh" in his capacity as spokesman for Vietnamese for Fair Immigration. In his defense, Brummer claimed that because he eats Vietnamese food and is half-Vietnamese "in my own mind," he wasn't really fibbing. In fact, he told a local reporter, he may even legally change his name to Binh.

Ya know, once upon a time, I was convinced 'in my own mind' that I was a vampire. That is, until my big plastic pumpkin was full of chocolate and I ditched the idea of blood for divine Hershey bliss.

What have you pretended to be in the past?

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