Monday, February 18, 2008

Border Angels Complete 4,500 Mile Journey

Solidarity with those who remind greater society that we are all human beings.

The Border Angels, a human rights group founded in 1986 by Enrique Morones to stop the unnecessary deaths of people traveling across the U.S./Mexico border areas of San Diego County and the Imperial Valley, will have completed by Sunday, February 17 a 4500 mile journey from San Diego to Canada and back.

The group chose to make the 4500 mile caravan, "Marcha Migrante III," to remember the 4500 immigrants that have died in the border region between U.S. and Mexico. The march has gone through 40 cities with the message of “Su Voto Es Su Voz,” (Your Vote is Your Voice).

“The people of this country will elect a new president this November,” said Morones at a press conference with supporters of the Border Angels at the state capitol in Sacramento on February 6. “We are not supporting any particular presidential candidate - we want to get the candidates to support immigration reform as a pathway for legalization. There are 12 million undocumented workers in this country.”

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You can donate to the Border Angels via this link, or check out their website for more information on the humanitarian work they do to save lives in the desert.

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