Monday, February 25, 2008


Apparently the primary silly season is entering the crescendo phase. I'm just glad that I (mostly) adhere to my absolutely-no-blogging-on-the-weekends rule. It's important for me to not stay plugged in to the constant bickering and UserX-centric world that can be found no matter which site currently enjoys my browser's attention. I think it's hilarious that we think we can know with certainty that a person views a situation in the exact way we interpret their writing, when it's highly probably that there is much more going on with a person's head space than is presented.

Not really thinking of anything specific here, just some anecdotal words that I felt like writing after skimming my RSS feeds. Perhaps it's due to my head space on this final Monday of February in 2008. In the past 72 hours I've traveled over 300 miles, helped run a horseshoe tournament, and heard that an ex-girlfriend's younger brother was killed in a car accident.

It's bizarre how one can be transported back nearly fifteen years without skipping a beat, yet that's how long it had been since I'd seen him. No family should have to deal with the tragedy that they are experiencing. I don't even know that I'll get the chance to share condolences with her, but I have sent word via a mutual friend that I was praying for them all. We've managed to salvage some type of friendship over the years despite plenty of drama, most of which was created by outside players, but I maintain distance out of respect for her husband. Still, my heart is sick today.