Thursday, July 17, 2008

Checking In From Netroots Nation

I arrived about 11pm last night at the hotel in downtown Austin. Right outside the main lobby was this bus, which was begging to be defiled. We managed to control ourselves and behave. All bets are off for the rest of the week, though. jejeje
For those of you in Twitterdom, I'm trying to put up regular tweets here. Also, you can see all the posts coming from participants by checking out the #NN08 tag.
The good thing about conferences like this is when you meet people who say things like "I hate politics," followed by announcing that they are the field director for a presidential campaign for overseas voters in Asia. Terri has asked that if we know overseas voters, send them to so they can get information on how to register and get more involved in the civics of this country from beyond its borders.
Alright, will be checking in later. Hasta tarde, blogamig@s

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