Wednesday, July 30, 2008

McCain: The Next Faux Cowboy

Markos asks in today's DKos Midday Open Thread:
Was McCain really trying to pretend he has a ranch?
The answer is: Yes. He has been pretending for a long time now

Exhibit A, from a February 2007 Vanity Fair Article when his campaign was in the crapper:

Photo Credit: Jonas Karlsson, Vanity Fair

My favorite part of the article:

And still McCain pushes himself, as if to combat any hint of diminished capacity. Last summer, he hiked the Grand Canyon rim to rim with his son, Jack, 20, now in his second year at Annapolis. He says the descent was torture on his knees, until a park ranger offered him some pills partway down.

It was—am I saying this right?—I.V. Propen. The stuff’s a fucking miracle drug!” It doesn’t seem fair to tell him the drug is nothing more miraculous than Advil. McCain will repeat the ibuprofen story a time or two over the course of 48 hours, and he brings it up again when I see him about a month later.

I.V. Propen...what a 'regular guy'

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