Sunday, July 13, 2008

Netroots Nation Workshops I'm Anticipating

Some workshops I'm looking forward to liveblogging later this week at Netroots Nation in Austin, Texas.

  • Examining the Maze of Injustice: Our Nation's Failure to Protect Indigenous Women From Violence

    Native American women are subject to much higher levels of sexual and domestic violence than any other women in the United States. Due to a confusing maze of tribal, state, local and federal laws, rapists and batters rarely face prosecution, regardless of the evidence against them. Perpetrators are aware that they can rape and brutalize, then often walk away with no consequences. This panel will explore what can be done to ensure equal protection under the law for Native American women and the role the Netroots can play in combating these injustices.

  • Our "Dos Centavos": Strategies For Latino Bloggers

    Since 2006, the Latino blogosphere in the United States has grown by leaps and bounds--often spurred on by hateful anti-immigrant ordinances and laws considered by states and communities across the nation. Several of Texas' most prominent Latino bloggers will discuss strategies for communicating both with their Latino and non-Latino audiences and developing a blog that is a resource for progressive Latino activists.

  • How to Win the Immigration Debate and Beat Back ICE's Emerging Police State

    Immigrants built this country and remain a vital part of our communities. Yet immigration has become a political hot potato in recent years. With Congress held hostage to a vocal minority of hard-line immigration restrictionists stirred up by right-wing websites and talk-radio, the Bush administration has launched a series of showy "crack-downs" that have divided working families and transferred billions into the hands of well-connected DHS contractors, but done nothing to reform a deeply dysfunctional immigration system. We can do better.

    Come by for a lively discussion of this vitally important issue with activists speaking from a variety of perspectives.

Oh yeah, and I heard Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and some congressional candidates will be lurking around the complex. Should be interesting!

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