Monday, July 14, 2008

Wall Street Journal Covers Our Questionnaire

The Wall Street Journal has provided some traditional media coverage to The Sanctuary's candidate questionnaire that we sent out to the various presidential campaigns.
Latino bloggers covering the presidential campaign reacted this week to recent efforts by both candidates with their usual spotting of simplistic stereotypes in the candidates' outreach efforts, and with a new joint initiative that raises some tough questions - 38 to be precise.

A group of bloggers responded to Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama's speeches to the League of United Latin American Citizens and the National Council of la Raza, with coordinated posts about a 38-point questionnaire that The Sanctuary, a pro-immigrant group, sent to the presidential candidates last month demanding answers on immigration policy issues. Neither McCain nor Obama has responded to the questionnaire.

Wall Street Journal's Washington Weave

The post I wrote here at Latino Político on Friday was also referenced, but really, it's not about me or any of the other Sanctuary editors. It's about human rights, it's about humane treatment of our fellow human beings, and hopefully the candidates will understand that we are asking for answers in order to discern what to expect in our communities beyond the Bush regime.

Those issues and others that we are highlighting will be discussed tomorrow, July 15th, on CNN at 8:24AM with a scheduled appearance of Sanctuary editor KetyE. We are also in talks with the network to have another editor speak in the afternoon about these vitally important issues. As I wrote on Friday, enough with the soundbites - it's time for the presidential candidates to give us some substance.

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