Tuesday, October 11, 2005

AP: DeLay uses Media as Bullhorn

File this one in the 'No-Shit' bin:
Long before his criminal case gets a hearing in a court of law, Rep. Tom DeLay is fighting in the court of public opinion. With his trademark zeal, he assails the prosecutor in one sentence and portrays himself as a victim in the next. And the media — often distrusted by fellow conservatives — is his bullhorn.

"I know when you stand up for what you believe in, this kind of thing is going to happen," DeLay boasted on a Houston radio show. "It's part of the fight. I know Democrats hate me and they hate what I believe in and they hate the amazing things we've been able to accomplish ever since we've been in the majority."

Setting aside his own aversion to the media, DeLay has waged a blitz on radio, on TV and in print as he tries to shore up support in his suburban Houston congressional district while assuring fellow Republicans he plans to return to power. (emphasis mine)

I grew up in a household where every night we watched the news. It was our thing. Even when I was a little child, my parents would let me stay up late with them to see what the weather was going to be the next day, or whether our team had won the big game. It is a situation that is repeated in homes across the country.

Tom DeLay takes advantage of the trust that people put in their news sources by poisoning the stories with propaganda. The rise of the wingnut-faction of the Republican Party has caused the spread of that poison. All levels of our government have infiltrated our newsrooms, yet most Americans don't know it. They still blindly trust that they are getting truth, not spin, when they sit as a family to check out the going-ons of the world each evening.

Chalk this episode up to another way the Republican Party will do anything to maintain its power. Corruption and lies be damned.

It is time for a change.

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