Wednesday, October 05, 2005

George's Reward

For the love of buddha, please let the rumors be true:

(From Pre$$titutes via Booman)

Interrupting our regular focus on Pre$$titution, we want to let readers know that rumors are flying around D.C. that over a dozen indictments may be coming in the Plame case.

We caution that we are reporting a RUMOR. Nothing more. And this may be absolutely false. Still there is definitely chatter in Washington circles....

UPDATE: AMERICAblog has this teaser: "My source tells me that the scuttlebutt around town is that the White House knows something bad is coming, in terms of Karl getting indicted, and they're already trying to distance him from the president."

Lord, let it be true. And now for the best guess on twelve people to be indicted:

Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, John Hannah, John Bolton, Douglas Feith, Scott McClellan, Fred Fleitz, Ari Fleischer, Condileezza Rice, Stephan Hadley, Eliot Abrams, Karen Hughes.

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