Monday, October 24, 2005

Winning their Hearts

Hey Bush-supporters, this is your prize for being blind followers:
A 27-year-old Iraqi male died while being interrogated by Navy Seals on April 5, 2004, in Mosul, Iraq. During his confinement he was hooded, flex-cuffed, sleep deprived and subjected to hot and cold environmental conditions, including the use of cold water on his body and hood. The exact cause of death was "undetermined" although the autopsy stated that hypothermia may have contributed to his death. Notes say he "struggled/ interrogated/ died sleeping." Some facts relating to this case have been previously reported. (In April 2003, Secretary Rumsfeld authorized the use of "environmental manipulation" as an interrogation technique in GuantŠ±namo Bay. In September 2003, Lt. Gen. Sanchez also authorized this technique for use in Iraq. Although Lt. Gen. Sanchez later rescinded the September 2003 techniques, he authorized "changes in environmental quality" in October 2003.)
For the past couple of years we have heard these incidents of torture as being attributed to "a few bad apples", "isolated events", blah blah blah.

If you still believe that, here is my response: How many fucking reports do you have to read to FINALLY GET IT?!? These abuses are occurring due to policy changes. Nothing is being done to stop it. Nothing. I hold you responsible if you are going to continue to be an apologist for this Presidency.

I am thoroughly disgusted with my country.

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