Tuesday, October 25, 2005

No Doubt

It's more than a rock group; it's the summation of the fact that the Bush misAdministration wants to continue torturing human beings:

A White House bid to exempt the CIA from legislation in Congress that would formally ban degrading and inhumane treatment of detainees in U.S. custody ran into a forceful rejection on Tuesday from the bill's main sponsor, Sen. John McCain.

The exemption proposal, from an administration on the defensive over prisoner abuse in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, would exempt non-Defense Department counterterrorism operations deemed vital to U.S. national security by President George W. Bush, officials said.


The CIA and Cheney's office both declined to comment on the exemption proposal and the meeting with McCain.

The McCain amendment followed an unsuccessful attempt by Senate Democrats to spur the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to investigate U.S. detainee policy, including allegations of torture against CIA interrogators.

Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas, the intelligence oversight panel's Republican chairman, voted against the McCain amendment and has denied publicly that the CIA uses torture. (emphasis mine)

They don't want to open an investigation because the Republican apologists for torture refuse to face the truth. I'm sick of all the winking and nodding that is going on in Washington with respect to torture.

It shouldn't matter a flying frick who we have in captivity: terrorists, innocents, common criminals. TORTURE IS WRONG. PERIOD.

The Republican Party continues to stonewall and condone it, along with their apologist supporters. Wake up people! We are better than this.

For those of you that require Hard Proof: here are the official autopsy reports, with several of the deaths being labeled HOMICIDE.

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