Wednesday, October 05, 2005

George's Crony

I don't support Mr. Bush's pick for the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Why? Because this is all I know of her:

  • she is not a judge
  • she would never have been considered if she wasn't in his inner-circle
Were you expecting a longer list? I could go on and on, but those two reasons are enough for me to scream at the top of my lungs that she is unfit to hold the power offered. I don't trust George Bush, he gives me absolutely no reason to trust him. He has nominated, recommended and appointed HORRIBLE people to positions in the past few years. Examples: John Bolton, U.N.; Bernie Kerik, Dept. of Homeland Security; Michael Brown, FEMA, Paul Wolfowitz, World Bank; Alberto "Torture" Gonzalez, Attorney General; the list continues...

Apparently I'm not the only one pissed off:
Conservatives in some cases are expressing outright opposition, some are in wait-and-see mode and others are silent, all bad signs for a Bush administration used to having the full backing of all wings of the GOP when it takes on the Senate's minority Democrats over judicial selection.

"I'm getting reports on both sides," said Paul Weyrich, a conservative leader from the Free Congress Foundation. "Some people are quite enthused about her and other people are very upset. The grass-roots are not happy, I can tell you that."

Bush defended the 60-year-old nominee at a Rose Garden news conference Tuesday, repeatedly implying that conservatives should trust his judgment in picking Miers to succeed the retiring Sandra Day O'Conner. While insisting that he doesn't recall ever talking to Miers about abortion, he pointedly said, "I know her heart."

No kidding.

UPDATE: All things Harriet, via The Left Coaster. Hat tip to Nag at BMT for the heads up.

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