Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SB1070: Flagstaff City Council Explores Challenge

The Arizona Daily Sun reports from Northern Arizona:

The Flagstaff City Council came out Tuesday against the state's controversial new illegal immigration law, unwilling to enforce a law that one councilmember called "horrible" and "racist."

They echoed sentiments held by a crowd of about 100 who turned out for the meeting at City Hall.

"I am here to speak on the behalf on the kids, los ninos," said Ada Luz Mendoza -- she knows of small children who spend nights worrying that their parents are going to be taken away at any time under the new law.

But the council, with Scott Overton absent, did not decide specifically how to oppose the immigration law, known as SB1070, during their Tuesday night meeting. The city attorney said she was unwilling to lay out legal options for the city council publicly without doing some research.

The council is expected to review its legal options against the measure next Tuesday.

Opposition to Arizona's march to extremism will not be fading anytime soon. There is a renewed sense of activism growing each day. November will be referendum on the nativists who crossed the line with SB1070. Voter engagement campaigns are already revving up to make it so.

We will not forget.

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