Friday, April 23, 2010


A terrorist invasion is upon us!!!!! The illegals are coming. Taking our jobs, using up our resources, TERRORIZING our children. Yes I’m talking about the terrorist invasion in Arizona-by racists who have made Arizona a dirty, ethnocentric, xenophobic place to be. A state RICH in history and beauty, is now being subjected to the ugliest attack on civil rights since the 1960s.

How disappointed I am that the place I call home, that my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents called home is under attack. Infiltrated by outsiders who have NO idea of the dynamic border history of my homeland are destroying my communidad. Outsiders who elect corrupt, racist politicians to craft racists laws instead of working to improve our education system that is broken and takes away needed resources from the poor.

I hear so much rhetoric about what the MEXICAN IMMIGRANT takes from AMERICAN CITIZENS. They take our jobs! They take our benefits! WAKE UP PEOPLE! Mexican immigration is down 20% from last year. TAKE THAT LOW WAGE, BACK BREAKING JOB! It’s yours!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! Mexican Immigrants pay state, local and federal taxes. Yes, even though they're buying their bread at a PANERIA and their meat at a CARNECERIA THEY'RE PAYING TAXES!!!!!

And as for Mexican Immigrants TERRORIZING ARIZONANS? Talk to an everyday Arizonan! Working their job, going to school, invested in their community-I’d bet it would be hard to find one that has been TERRORIZED by a Mexican Immigrant.

Let me tell you a story about some MEXICAN IMMIGRANTS! My Tata Nacho and Nana Angelita immigrated to this country 92 years ago. Their legacy is profound. Contrary to popular belief these "Mexican Immigrants" were not terrorists, drug dealers or associated with crime. Instead they... worked hard, valued god and family, and passed those values on to all of us. Their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren have fought and died for this country. None have ever gone to prison. We are all productive members of society, public servants, teachers, policemen, firemen, professors, successful business people, the list goes on.

They came to this country for freedom. For the opportunity to work hard, raise a family and have security. I am so fortunate to be a piece of this immigrant legacy and part of this vast family. We are part of something bigger than ourselves and hope that the same opportunity afforded to our family will continue to be afforded to others. BROWN OR OTHERWISE!

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