Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kris Kobach: The Nativist Behind SB1070

Rachel Maddow did an exposé on her show last night, explaining the various white supremacist ties that exist in the anti-immigrant lobby.

Kris Kobach is the advisor that claims to have threaded the needle perfectly for State Senator Russell Pearce while writing SB1070:

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Of course, if you were reading Latino Político in January of 2007, you already knew of Kobach's ties to FAIR. But I digress.

My question is: how many strikes will it take for Kris Kobach to lose all credibility? He already lost the Hazelton, Pennsylvania case that was another source of outcry due to extremism:

Kobach has attempted to pass severe anti-immigration laws in towns across Pennsylvania, California, Missouri, and Texas. What do these communities have in common besides Kris Kobach? They reap no benefits from the anti-immigrant laws and ordinances he is trying to implement and are often left with a costly legal mess.

In Hazelton, PA, after an ordinance crafted by Kobach and fellow IRLI attorney Michael Hethmon was struck down by a federal judge, the city was forced to pay for all legal fees.

Imagine 2050

Now SB1070 is facing a growing chorus of opposition, including from national Republican leaders & candidates such as Jeb Bush, Karl Rove, Meg Whitman, Marco Rubio and Senator Lindsay Graham.

Wow! Sounds like a wedge issue to me! And don't let Mitt Romney slither away unnoticed: from Kobach's campaign page for his current Secretary of State campaign in Kansas:
Policy Adviser to Presidential Candidates Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson, 2007-2008.
The ties explored by Rachel Maddow run deep within the Republican Party. It's refreshing to see them exposed to a wider audience, especially those of the AZGOP.

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