Monday, April 24, 2006

Join the Revolution this Saturday

One of the promises Howard Dean made when he campaigned and ultimately won the chairmanship of the Democratic Party was to compete in all 50-states. The days of focusing on a small block of electoral votes while ignoring the needs of other regions would be ended.

He is living up to that promise, but needs our help.
The Democratic National Committee announced it will hold a National "Neighbor-to-Neighbor Organizing Day" on Saturday, April 29, 2006. The events on April 29th will kick-off a national effort by volunteers across the nation who will go door-to-door to talk with their neighbors about the Democratic Party's bold vision for America based on honest leadership and real security.

This grassroots event represents an important next step in the DNC's State Partnership Project to help turn the vision of a permanent Democratic majority into a reality. The April event is the first of three national organizing drives that are a key part of building strong Election Day teams for 2006 and beyond. Democratic volunteers are working in their communities to organize and mobilize volunteers and voters.
You can search for local events by zip code at the link provided above. Also, there are talking-point guides, downloads for doorhangers and news from groups being organized in places such as South Carolina and Wyoming.

If we want to see this country leave the current path of destruction it's on, then we have to wake up our neighbors one by one. Major props to the DNC for organizing this grass-roots endeavor, I'll make sure to wear sunblock on Saturday.

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