Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday round about town

It's that time again… okay, so some of you will say it's way past time, but still… I hope everyone has on their Sunday Best, cuz we're tip-toeing through… no wait, that's something else. We're striding through the Eeegian Neighborhood! Ready or not, heeeeerrre we come!

katiebird always has something cooking, and now she's taking it on the road! Okay, well maybe just down the road, at the moment, but it's only the beginning. She's official now... even has a cool new announcement flyer!

How can you tell when a blog has gotten out of control? When it becomes a book! Okay, so well it was never a blog in the first place, but what is a novel besides a really big (slaved over, revised, structured, peopled, plotted, edited, etc) blog? Our own kansas's book is out, and I hope it's selling like fry bread!

Did you know that it was jazz appreciation month? Me either! James knew, though and he has a bit of a retrospective on some jazz greats and the jazz community. Good reading, good music...what more could you ask for?

[UPDATE!] I am putting forth our first ever Eegian Neighborhood Stroll Petition! (whew). Here goes:

Dear dove,

Please write.


Sign it as you will! Also, I think she should put her past diary stuff up (don't go look!). I was looking at some of it yesterday, after she mentioned one of them on self-censorship (don't look! wait til she reposts them!) and man... still as powerful today as they were when written. The mentioned one gave me chills, especially with a new understanding of it (DON'T look!... okay, well you can look at just this one- but no more).

[UPDATE IN THE MIDDLE!] Boy, are we good. Our petition has gotten results! And what results it's gotten, too. Wowee... dove has put up a powerful piece that could have been written yesterday (ahem!), but was written the day after the 2004 elections.

Who knew that slackdom was such hard work!? Reading Family Man's accounts of his "slack" days will have you not only giggling, but (almost) completely convinced that maybe there is more rest at the office! It's a new blog, so just read the whole thing, lol.

[UPDATE AGAIN!] Deano... artcrit... what can I say? (nothing intelligent, I assure you.) I do love reading the comments there, though, and the discussions of the various artwork, styles and so on. And of course looking at the art... very interesting stuff.

Hah! Duke doesn't let very high profile hypocrisy fly under the radar. He's holding Arnold to the same standard that Arnold wants to hold others. Here's a quote: "So how did Arnold start on his road to fame and fortune ... the all-American Republican way, he broke the law and took advantage of other peoples suffering.". Heh.

Even in Canada they have flag issues! Slightly different ones, though... catnip tells us all about the flag flap. Grrr.

Xicanopwr slices and dices the latest Malkin sliming and whining. Good job! Never let them get away with it, not even one inch. [A LITTLE UPDATE!] XicanoPwr went and posted an article on that Reconquista nonsense, while we weren't looking! Thank goodness that's being tackled... there is a history of how it came into being and how it's being used by nativists now. Great background stuff.

[HUGE UPDATE!] OMG, I forgot olivia! Don't ask me how, just chalk it up to old age, or something. Because I was just thinking about her site today, and how, through olivia, I have figured out why (some of)the rightwing hates nature... it's because so much of it is...well, a tad risque! But that's not all... she has cookies! Okay, well maybe not real cookies, but the first thing I thought of when I saw these was those little whatever cookies covered with a hard shell sugar icing. Yum! And, of course, she has lots more besides! Including bugs and a most gorgeous calla lily. Go look! (And don't mention my missing brain, thanks).

All done! (I think)

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