Sunday, April 02, 2006

perambulating through the eegee patch

I bet you guys thought I forgot about this this week, didn't you? Not so! Just because I am a tad slow doesn't mean I don't eventually get there. Me and the tortoise, comrades in arms.

Anyway, without further ado, let's see what's going on in the Eegian Neighborhood... it's been kinda quiet, I'll tell you that much. Could it be because...

Our Manny is in 7th Heaven (also known as California - also, where are heavens 1-6, I wonder?), the only male in the midst of a bevy of beauties! What a grand time he must be having, and what a fun group that seems like.

And let's see...deano has some very interesting artwork up. Faces and triplets and um... other stuff! I don't want to ruin anything by giving too much away, or telling you what you are looking at. Go look and see!.

Katie has more words of wisdom and encouragement up at Eat 4 Today. (Have you noticed that she's said no more at all about publically lolling about in massaging beds - even tho we of course don't draw any attention to it when she does. I think she's taken it underground!). She did, however, get rid of some cans of refried beans! Good job! Also, ductape has an ancient condiment recipe (that I've been making without knowing I was doing so, for ages! Wait... don't assume that I too am ancient though).

Speaking of Ductape... he's again updated his blog! You are on Indian Land, a topic sure to garner him great praise and um... more "testimonials", no doubt ;).

[UPDATE!]Somehow it always falls to me to bring you this news... not that I'm complaining, mind you. I fully accept it as my duty to tell you things like... olivia has gone buggy! This dignified looking fellow would probably gladly tell you all about the birds and the bugs. (What? so you be the one to tell him that it's not the birds and the bugs! I wouldn't dare). Just look at the dirty look olivia got from this yellow bellied guy who no doubt just was not in the mood to be corrected. But, still... everything is coming up roses and crocuses(they are scattered all over the place, so just look), and as for this, all I have to say is... NO COMMENT!

Duke has lots of information about upcoming demonstrations and events, including the National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice... plus, his blog has been linked to by Indymedia sites as a major resource for immigrant rights. They are finding out what we always knew... congrats Duke, Manny and XicanoPwr! (and the boz [whozzat?]and Arminius!]

XicanoPwr, at their own site, has an (ahem!) important message... and a lovely honoring of Cesar Chavez.

catnip has chosen the Honourary Canadian of the Week and it is... (nope, no peeking, you just have to go see). And not so secret secret talks being held in the UK about... you guessed it. Iran. sigh.

All done! (I think...who did I forget?}

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