Sunday, April 09, 2006

Time to Walk the Dog!

Manny is off doing stuff again (I hope it's fun stuff!) and has left Bud in charge... and you know dogs (not that Bud admits to being one, mind you)... always up for a nice walk.

So, hop up and join me and Bud while we drag you around... I mean, guide you through what the Eegians have been up to.

As katie says... Getting started is the hardest part! That applies to so much, eh? Just taking that first step, making that first cut, or putting that first word to paper. After all that, everything else is a piece of cake! Right? Aw, c'mon... don't say that. It's Easy Street from there on out... right? Well, maybe just for today ;).

Trust Olivia to come up with Odd Things... and guess what she has now? A pretty bug! Really, it's true! You've never seen such a bug... mature and voluptuous and even color coordinated, inviting us all to admire her and her casbah. And of course a whole host of other beautiful things on which to feast your eyes.

I admit it... I never thought this day would come. But... it has. Duke has asked a Silly Question! Yes... it's true. Look! -- Mr. President, have you no shame sir? Told you so... we all know the answer to that one! A resounding no... he has no shame. Duke makes up for his lapse by giving us the breakdown and backstory on the recent Senate votes on the immigration bill, though, so all is good. AND... guess what!? The Boz has put in an appearance... and his article, The Immigrant Path to Acceptance has been well worth waiting for.

[UPDATE!] Ductape Fatwa is going to march on Monday! And says the rest of us should too. He highlights XicanoPwr's excellent rant, I Refuse To Be Your "Si, SeƱor" Spic, which is posted on Xicano's blog... but we'll have to wait til the march is over to find out how things went for the Ancestors and their descendents on the big day.

Zombie "facts"! The ones that, even when continuously debunked, never die. catnip has a perfect example in Senator Kyl... who still believes (or says he does) that Saddam sought the uranium from Niger. And, gah! the insanity brewing in the administration... nuking Iran. Whoa! Almost missed this by not scrolling down far enough... catnip takes a break from exposing scurrilous politicians and writes On Fear. Read that.

Deano has a discussion! "Are artists weird or what?" Okay, well maybe that's not the actual title. Or actual discussion... but it's close! A friend sends in an email that highlights one art school's unusual marketing strategy, and says... Huh? Well, and lots more besides. Quite a fun discussion point.

More to come!

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