Sunday, April 30, 2006

Peeking at the Eegians

Is everyone dressed? We're coming to visit!

We were this <----> close to having another petition this week, but someone got in right under the wire! We won't say who (but we can't resist rolling our eyes towards our honorary great grandpapá - but that could be anybody! Almost).

Ductape has updated his site! Ways to participate in tomorrow's Big Event, something everyone can do. And scroll down a bit... and go sign the petition, this time from the ACLU!

Still, even if we didn't get to do our petition, I think there are probably treasures on that site that were written before we even knew we had an honorary great grandpapá, so... *looks at the sky and whistles*...

Guess what!? Well, yes, it is true that I have a cat that is apparently stuck underneath my fireplace, but that wasn't what I was going to say... deano - art crit... 3 pictures in a row that I know what they are! That has got to be a first... but I still love the comments. Even when I know what it is, it's interesting to see how much I am not actually seeing. If you know what I mean. Go look!

In between amending the US Constitution to include health care for all, katiebird is keeping up with her commitment, and helping to provide support for others keeping up theirs.

By the way... if you are coming here from somewhere else, and you've not read this blog this week... scroll down and do so! Our Manny has been on fire... that fire in the belly in support of equal justice and human rights that comes through so clearly. You don't want to miss a word! Well, maybe you can skip Bud... but only if you can resist those eyes!

[UPDATE!]So, back to Olivia... we have a poll! What do you think... "petal pr0n"? (dada), or "flowerotica" (AndiF)? Amazingly enough, I had nothing to do with these names! I wasn't even there... really! Of course, we could just say "pretty flowers", cuz they are! Ahem.

Speaking Truthiness to Power? catnip has something to say about Stephen Colbert's little bombshell last night. And scroll down! She, like everyone else who pays attention, has a little trouble believing that Bush is suddenly concerned about torture.

James posts about the marches tomorrow, and then has an article whose title begs you to read it... Brownshirt Barbie Incites Local Fascism. Bet you can't guess who it's about!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] XicanoPwr is on a roll! This will have you ready to march on Washington!
Plus, the tragic story of that vile attack on that young boy and more. Lots of passion, lots to read!

Duke also has lots of stuff! There is Manny's "Why May 1st Matters" (also posted right below), and theboz found something at the US State Dept that Bush might want to take a look at before brainlessly spouting again. Or, maybe not. Duke himself talks about the California lege doing something right for once. I wonder what brought that on.

Man, it's a good thing I went to Family Man's site towards the end, cuz this quest for slackdom is wearing me out! However, in between all the work toward slackdom, we get a visit to where Family Man never lived, and a great trip with mom, and more! It's still a new blog, so just go read the whole thing! (whatever you didn't read last time, ;)

Now that dove has realized that we are still peeking, she's unearthed some amazing stuff! All new to me, and I suspect to others as well. And all thought provoking and relevant, so you know what they say... or at least I've been saying all day... go read the whole thing!

All done! (I think - if anyone notices any missing Eegians... or some who should be Eegians, let me know!)

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