Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Body A Day...

Today is July 24th. That is the same number of bodies that have been found in Southern Arizona. A body for every day.

Think about that.
The Border Patrol has recovered at least 24 bodies in the Tucson Sector in July, bringing its fiscal-year total to at least 140.

From Oct. 1 through June, the agency had reported 116 border deaths in the Tucson Sector, down slightly from the 119 at the same time the year before. The sector runs from New Mexico to the Yuma County line.

The number of border deaths is higher, according to records kept by the Pima and Cochise counties' medical examiners. Combined, those agencies had handled 184 bodies of illegal border crossers from Oct. 1 through July 23.

While the primary campaign for the 2008 Presidential Election rages on, Senators Biden, Brownback, Clinton, Dodd, McCain, and Obama are too busy campaigning and raising obscene amounts of money instead of working to formulate some type of resolution to their failed attempts at comprehensive immigration reform (not to mention Iraq, universal health care, global climate change, disaster preparedness, you get the point).

How do any of these people sleep at night?

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