Tuesday, July 10, 2007

happy 5th blogiversary to skippy!

::sniff:: it seems like only yesterday the snarky roo popped out of the pouch*
that's right, this site has been blogging continuously at this space for 5 years today! we can hardly believe it ourselves! one would think we'd have something useful to do, but no, we've been disseminating news and snark for the past 5 complete turns of the calendar.

many thanks to skippy and the rest of the crew who provide endless laughs and light-bulb moments on any given day. also, muchas graz for the occasionally linkage to posts here and the addition to the skippy blogroll. you've all helped smaller blogs get tons of exposure. your support is appreciated in a big way.


*skippy was already a toddler when we discovered him, but the nostalgia remains

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