Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Smells like Hispanics?

Nope. Not racist at all.
Five women have sued the makers of the popular Fi-Bar and Tiger's Milk energy bars, claiming they were singled out for racist abuse and fired for not speaking English.


The lawsuit said problems began when the plaintiffs got a new supervisor who ordered them to pass an English proficiency exam as a condition of continued employment. According to the suit, the supervisor openly expressed his disdain for Latino workers through derogatory comments, such as "Spanish people stink," and the work area "smelled like Hispanics."

The real question is: why does this modern-day slave owner hate America™? Cinnamon and freshly roasted chile are just as much a part of this society as anything else you'll find wafting out of the windows of the gated communities.

Oh wait, he was being rude? I wonder why...

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