Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bush Threatens Border Communities

This was attached to a story about kayaking protesters near Roma, Texas who are opposed to the construction of the Great Wall of America™

Under a bill President Bush signed last year, 700 miles of fencing is slated for the U.S.-Mexican border, of which the Homeland Security Department has said will include at least 370 miles of physical fence supplemented by a "virtual" barrier of sensors, mobile towers with cameras, agents and other technology.

Homeland Security officials say the fence is needed in urban areas where smugglers and illegal immigrants can quickly fade into the surroundings.

Bush has since said he would veto a bill that required officials to solicit input from communities about fencing. White House officials said that the government had already conducted extensive outreach and that the mandate would impede the securing of the border.

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Add this to the long list of grievances that communities across the country must endure at the hands of corporate legislators. The same list that outlines the brokenness of the political system in the United States.

We, the People?

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